If you could sign a petition to ban dihydrogen monoxide

Discussion in 'General' started by SmokeyTheCivi, May 24, 2010.

  1. :eek: Okay then......
  2. No, but on a related note, I would glady sign a petition to kick someones ass for making their dog do shit like this. :rolleyes:

    It's a dog people, not a doll.
  3. Well my 7th grade Earth Science teacher told me this joke once...
  4. Fail. You needed to make your arguement about how bad it is. You didnt even try.
  5. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yi3erdgVVTw]YouTube - Penn And Teller Get Hippies To Sign Water Banning Petition[/ame]

    How did I fail if I didn't try, I think what you meant to say was that I didn't try hard.
  6. Thank you FW for a nice morning lol.
  7. Touche. I guess I was expecting more. Ive seen this before but the guy had all these reasons why it should be banned. It almost got a town to ban it

  8. Agreed. People who do stupid stuff to their dogs like that deserve to be hit in the face... at least a few times. It's one of those things that just really irritates me.
  9. I really have no problem with people doing this as long as the animal is unharmed. Sure it makes the animal look stupid but they really dont fucking care.
  10. yea this has been up before on gc and i remember a few people falling for it, i has high and i fell for it at first until i clicked on lmao. :eek:

  11. I'm just saying that generally people who do that are usually the kind of people I don't like. Not saying they're bad people, just that they're just the complete opposite of the people I like to get along with.
  12. I really hope that facepalm was for yourself. There was no potential for comedy in this thread to begin with, not only because this trick is old as hell, but because any idiot can just Google "dihydrogen monoxide" then come back and tell you what a fucking waste of time and absolute failure this thread is. Nice attempt at trying to make it look like it was somehow someone else's fault that you fucked up, though.
  13. Ahahaha this thread sucks more dick than justin bieber
  14. Are you kidding? That little queerbait is too annoying for anyone to let him near the cock.
  15. fuck this thread, im gonna have a cheezburger.

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