if you could move...

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  1. If you could move anywhere in the us where would it be?
  2. Colorado because it's not too far from where i already live and the mmj laws are better there then here.
  3. To a bigger house in the very city i live in now lol
  4. Houston texas bound after i graduate...yeah buddy
  5. Eugene, Oregon
  6. elmore vermont
  7. I would honestly move to Colorado because of the wary life is there
  8. probly boulder or like oregon/washington

  9. right now life here is snowy and cold as fuck man hahahah
  10. Colorado or Cali
  11. Snow is alright if your dressed warm and waterproof, the cold sucks but I'm indoors allot anyways.
    I want to be able to walk to a dispensary and pick up an oz of medical
  12. Michigan, cause my boyfriend is there :)

  13. may as well get 2oz for this weather, then you dont need to walk in a blizzard again hahaha
  14. NorCal. Or Boulder co

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  15. And some edibles for sure
  16. New Zealand without question. If I wanted to remain in the States, then the Pacific Northwest.
  17. Seattle or something, definitely Pacific Northwest. I would prefer British Columbia.

    However, I'd take Andalusia over just about anywhere.
  18. Maine. It's like the deep south in the far north. Been there many times and I love it.
  19. maine pretty cool

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