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If you could make one product to help growers what would it be

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by advhydroponics, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. Afternoon World, I need to create a 3D design for an original product that is relevant in today’s world. What better place to make a 3D design that is relevant than in the growing industry. I want to ask growers what they would use or what is needed that does not already "exist". Has anyone made a homemade device that they think would help others & would like to share? Or simply someone has a great idea that I could simply make a design to. I just want to ask the Pros!!!! Please share your thoughts
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  2. Pc fan carbon filters are always in demand imo. I think that'd be pretty simple too. Good luck :)

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    Or even a simple adapter flange for square fan to round duct-work...I've had needs for something like that.
    How about something like this, only with a square fan where those louvers are, and carbon filter media in the tube ?
  4. They already make them in many different sizes sold at most home improvement stores or online 115-1009_3.jpg If you're handy and own a rivet gun and a pair of snips anything can be made out of a piece of sheet metal. Duct installers do it all the time. A furnace and air shop can costume make anything
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  5. I missed that piece when I was looking at Home Depot 's site...That 's perfect.
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  6. Im not sure if this is what you are looking for but i think a nice idea would be complete grow room packages. It is true you can purchase tent packages but what im talking about is a way a grower could select lets say a 10x10x8 floor plan and a supplier then would give you an entire package for that space. A turn key setup. Now its more of a pig in a poke and you have to piece mail your room. And many growers like that but it would be nice for a supplier to determine what product will work with what and any adaptors needed etc. I think it would help growers reduce wasted time and increase grow room efficiancies.
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  7. And on a smaller scale, A ready-made stealth micro-grow, that looks like a piece of furniture,( chest of drawers, filing cabinet, armoire , etc,etc...) with lights,fans ,air filters,and all built-in.
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  8. A curing machine.

    Lot of people suck at it.
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  9. A pap smear for girl plants. LOL
  10. Thats because to many growers are in a hurry to get money and dont give a dam about the finished product. Milwaukee has some of the driest bud ive ever seen. It crumbles in your dam hand
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  11. +1 for curing machine

    I have a few ideas. I don't know how cost effective or possible they would be to 3d print.

    fan 'boosters' - I found a product once that was a sort of hexagon shaped pc fan attachment. It would attach over the fan and make the airflow more straight by focusing it through the hexes(creating a sort of laminar flow with the air). I think a product like this could sell in both the micro grow market or pc fan market. I think maybe you could make them for larger fans as well, by they are really used for open air type fans to focus their airflow. I don't think they would do anything inside of ducting. A simple demo of a fan with and without attachment blowing out a candle at distance could sell them like crazy.

    Light traps- there is huge demand for these for both pc fan size, and 4" and 6" diameter size for grow tents. The majority of people are rigging up some cardboard and duct tape or a few 90degree turns of pvc. I feel like this market is wide open..you could get this product to sell with any tent, or get a deal/contract with a tent maker to incorporate your light-trap into their tents.

    Bulk head connectors - Used for large recirculating hydro connections. These things can be pretty expensive and hard to find. Bulkheads under an inch or so are cheep($3-5) but they get expensive when you get into larger sizes. I'm guessing you can't print threads and that's more of an injection molding thing? Maybe there's another sort of option that is printable like a twist and lock system. Still..there seems to be a lot of room to undercut the larger 3-4" sizes($60-70ea.).
  12. Exactly what I’ve been searching for lol. Set like a normal package up. Then people add stuff, add-ons. Or they take things out. Pretty much customize it online from a set list of packages, then the full kit gets sent to you with a handbook on which soil and nutrients are recommended. Maybe even a quick guide to the basics of growing

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  13. Might aswell just send the soil and nutes lol
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  14. Might as well

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  15. I think alot of "old school" growers take alot of pride in their setups. In the past it was very difficult to even obtain supplies. There wasnt chat rooms or any real advice. It was more of a figure it out on your own. And i can understand and respect that as i learned the hard way to. But now things are different and adapting to change is helpful even with experianced growers. I think there is always new techniques and ways to learn. I think development isnt always a bad thing. But i do understand that the title of grower is usually earned over time. Making setups easier wont replace experiance and time but would help initial startups.
  16. It would help to give someone an idea on where to go. Then to progress as well. Honestly I want to start a setup, but I don’t know how much it would cost or even how to set it up

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  17. If your new to growing soil is probably your best option, its more forgiving. Starting with only a couple plants would be best. Ilgm is a good seed bank and has alot of turorial info on growing.
  18. I’ll check it out! Thanks

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