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If you could make a strain..

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SmokingRookie, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Name: (Name of Strain)
    Smell: (Smell of Strain)
    Texture: (Texture of Strain)
    Anything else: (Anything else)


    So let's hear it, if you could make a strain or grow it. Then how would it be? :hello: And hi. :wave:
  2. texture?
  3. Yes every different strain has different texture and how it feels.
  4. You mean how smooth the smoke is eh
  5. You should add taste to the list :)

    Heres mine-

    Name: Sweet Tea Kush
    Smell: Sweet and refreshing aroma with a dark danky after effect
    Texture: Compacted well naturally but with a slight springiness to it
    Taste: Most notably when smoked through a water-pipe complete with ice it is almost exactly the same flavor as Brisk Sweet Tea but with an accompanying after taste that reminds you its a danky bowl full of bud
  6. it's all about imagination. how would you like your bud if you could make it perfectly how you would want it. Would you want a body high that makes you lay like the couch for more then three hours, or would you want more of a get up and move around high.

  7. sounds delicious, and yes you can add whatever you want. I just went with a little bit.
  8. The thought comes from when a can of brisk was spilled and we didnt notice it got all over the mouthpiece of our sidecar bubbler too. It was soooooo tasty. When you think about it later though, everyone was licking their lips after taking a hit so thats kinda nasty...oh well, thats why I only smoke with close buds haha. I know their clean :D

  9. I normally smoke by my self (to save bud), but I do smoke with some of my other friends but yeah I see where you're coming from.
  10. i wanna get chemdawg and nl and call it chemical light
  11. I would really just want something really exotic looking like multicolored with unique blends like orange/teal/purple/red, etc. Or something pure cotton candy pink. Would be awesome.
  12. I dunno about that stuff but I wanted to cross White Rhino and White Widow and call the resulting strain Albino Rhino.
  13. rainbow weed
    taste and smells like skittles
    doesn't actually look like a rainbow, but the weed equivalent, basically itd be green, purple, and orange(ive also heard of red weedo_O)
    i think it would be awesome cuz who doesnt like skittles?
    smoke the rainbow, eat the rainbow
  14. i would cross strawberry cough with jack herrer.

    Jack Cough.
  15. Name/Genetics: headband x chemdawg x bubba
    Smell: straight danky earth and lemons
    Texture: nice and crisp, but not too dry. filled with triches, very sticky.
    Anything else: dank
  16. Barneys LSD mixed with Durban Poison X Blueberry

    I dont even know what it would be like, those are just my favorite strains combined, and it would be a mostly sativa hybrid
  17. Mine would be called unicorn bukkake.
    Something super light and fluffy, sweet and fruity.
    The buds would be really light like white widow lookin shit.
    Covered in so much trichomes that it looks like 6 or seven unicorns splattered jizz all over them (from a circle stance.)
    Mabey some light purple and red and orange hairs all on the inside once you break it up. I personally love really smelly dank shit, so like an AK-47 type scent with the aftertaste of some sweet tooth. If you ever smoked it out of anything but nice clean glass, then the stride van would roll up and 6 or seven unicorns would rape your shit and utterly jump you. I love blunts but thats not for THE DANKEST OF THE DANK, UNICORN BUKKAKE!
    Out of a bong, the water would turn to some tasty ass Kool Aid with GLITTER floating in it. Hopefully a more sativa dominant strain actually fertilized with Unicorn shit. Super energising high with some ultra aphrodisiac properties. It will also make you fly.
  18. Name: I'd either call it OG Dirt or OG Mids lol (deter the weed snobs from buying it)
    Smell: That sour diesel smell with a hint of purps
    Texture: Sticky, small dense nugs.
    Anything else: I'd give it like the shittiest trim job ever but make sure it was potent as fuck. Just because I hate when people refuse to buy weed because of how it looks. Like your about to light it on fire anyway, why are the looks so important.
  19. Instead of blue dream i would make some red nightmare
    It would taste super fruity with a creeper buzz that takes over your whole body. Super compact nugs
  20. #20 Vicious, Mar 17, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 17, 2012
    Name: Cosmic Kush
    Smell: Out of this World
    Texture: Plasma/Goo/Raw THC Data
    Anything else: Watch out for the space feds

    Name: Micro
    Smell: Depends on phenotype
    Texture: Depends on phenotype
    Anything else: Regular strain genetically modified to only grow one bud though it spreads and grows quick. Imagine a lawn where every blade of grass is a single pickable bud. Harvesting would be as simple as mowing the lawn.

    Unicorn Bukkake? What the fuck did I just read.

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