If you could leave 3 pieces of technology in the past what would you leave behind.

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  1. If you could travle back in time and leave 3 pieces of technology behing what year(s) would you go to and what would you leave behind

    1950,New York,I would leave behind my lap top.
    1800,Philadelphia,science text books
    1760,Philadelphia,A detailed book about the Revolutionary war

    Geez i guess i would be leaving behind books mostly.
  2. I'd go back to 50 BC and give the ancient Celts machine guns. Take that Roman Empire :D
  3. Go back to jesus's days and Give a bystander a camera so he can take a real picture of Jesus to have proof if he was real or not.

  4. You know America probably wouldn't exist right? Nor England... :devious:
  5. Honestly there's no way to even begin to predict the effect that would have on history. It'd be fun though :D
  6. It's probably impossible to add 3 technologies from today in the past and not get the world totally changed ( that sentance proably makes no sense but you know what im saying)

    but On-Topic the only thing I would change in history, would be giving the tibeten people advanced weapons to fight off the chinease invasion in the 1950's. R.I.P to all those peacefull monks.
  7. That wouldn't even save 'em honestly that was like an elephant stepping on a fly.
  8. a computer chip, a microwave, and carbon fibers.

    cool shit, but it would be totally useless to them so it wouldn't alter history by much :)

    or maybe I'd give them spraypaint, I'd love to see the grafitti those dudes would do
  9. I would give native Americans automatic rifles, tons of ammo, and maybe give them a few rockets just before the Europeans discovered America. And maybe give them some sort of vaccinations to prevent some of the disease that killed a lot of them.
  10. Beginning of time; my seed.
  11. I'd go back in time to that night your dad banged your mom and give him a rubber, and some spermicidal lube. :devious:
  12. Hmm good idea for a thread.

    I'd give the Spanish the battleships we have now so they could have invaded England..

    I'd give the government from the 50s my iPhone so they can learn from it.

    Oh and I'd give the south a nuke just for fun :)
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    a sports almanac to myself when i'm 18 (with all that money it would be a shame to not be able to do something cool with it):hello::hello::hello:

    but in spirit of this thread, generically

    1900 a functioning computer, LOADED with all sorts of scientific information

    stone ages, a lighter

    and 1996 my computer i have right now, i would give it to myself :p
  14. Smart phones

    Nuclear weapons

    Drug tests
  15. Two things.

    A fully loaded laptop to the MIT hackers of the Sixties


    A copy of the Controlled Substances Act to the Founding Fathers.

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