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If you could kill someone without anyone finding out would you?

Discussion in 'General' started by beefybud, Mar 6, 2010.

  1. Is there anyone you hate enough to kill 'em if you could do it without getting caught and why? I'm just curious :rolleyes:
    And my answer is no just for the record.
  2. No i wouldnt be able to live with myslef.

    Id only do it in defense of an attack, but even then id get more satisfaction out of beating their ass and then callin the cops or something

    EDIT: who the fuck said yeah? lol
  3. No one deserves to die unless my only chance to live would depend on that person's vitality; even then I would only subdue, never intentionally kill
  4. Head of a tobacco company.
  5. You better bet that I'll let some fucking heads roll.
  6. Of course, especially that muthafucka who stole my chocolate milk at lunch when I wasn't lookin'
  7. this is a very tough question.

    on one hand, it would be nice to be able to kill someone who has caused you so much pain in your life and completely fucked you over.

    but on the other hand, that persons mother, or best friend, or something, could be the nicest person ever, and imagine how much pain they would be going through losing the person you killed.

    when someone is killed, it affects everyone around them.

    plus, i don't think I could live with myself, i'm very impulsive, but would later regret it.
  8. actually i change my vote...i'd prob kill a few ma' fuckas :ey:
  9. this guy
  10. if you view the worth of someone's life as the value they create or destroy, then yes, lots of people deserve to die and if they deserve to die, then i don't have a problem killing them.

    but who gets to decide who deserves life or death?

    voted yes.
  11. there are several i'd lke to beat til they thought they were gonna die..one person i might kill because he had somethin to do with my first loves death..of course talk is cheap. when it came right down to it i cant say 100% i'd follow through with the deal..i have thought about this often..
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    wow... why would you?
    the legal/social repercussions of murder aren't supposed to be what stops you. it's supposed to be your god damned morals. why the fuck would you take someone's life?
    look at your own life. how important is it to you? well, chances are that most people feel that way about their lives. and even if they don't, there's a good chance that they will somewhere down the road.

    so, i answer FUCK NO. i would never take another person's life.. unless it was in self-defense or defending someone i love. otherwise - never. a life is a life, man. i don't know why the MAJORITY of voters in this thread are morally corrupt enough to answer "yes"

    fucked up.:eek:

    edit: for real... the results of this poll so far are scaring the shit out of me... and this is a website full of stoners. imagine going to a gun forum and posting this same poll....
    what the FUCK are you motherfuckers thinking!?
  13. Oh hell yes.Call me fucked up,whatever.But I guarantee someone will come in here saying something along the lines of "Oh,everyone who says yes is just trying to be an internet gangsta/thug/badass.":rolleyes:
  14. Yes I would, if I felt they truly deserved it, not some you ripped me off bro type shit but actual wrong shit that I feel in my heart is wrong then I would. If it was some seriously bad shit like seeing someone get kidnapped or something worse I'd call 911 right after I killed that person and let the authorities know what i saw, when i intervened, etc.

    @ UpFromTheSkies People have different morals. I cant believe YOU were morally corrupt enough to answer no. I quote ''unless it was in self-defense or defending someone i love. otherwise - never.'' What kind of person are you? That tells me you're a very selfish person. If you saw a child being kidnapped or worst you wouldnt do anything to protect that person because you dont know them? Or if you saw a woman being beat to death by a man with a bat you wouldnt intervene and take that mans life to save hers? THAT is truly fucked up
  15. I would gladly kill as a profession.
  16. No,

    I could never live with myself.
  17. okay, sure. i forgot to include situations like the one you mentioned. if there was any situation where killing someone was the only way to save someone else's life whose i valued more... (obviously i'd value a child's life more than a killer's.. fool!) then i'd kill the motherfucker!

    but people are answering this question as if they'd just kill somebody for the hell of it.
  18. I would murder you.

    Yeah, you.
  19. Yeah, I'd be capable of it, not that I know of anyone that I would want to kill.
  20. To me, it depends. Could I kill someone I hated over something like money or other dumb shit, no. Could I kill someone I hated because they knowingly hurt someone close to me (mainly physical or killed and such), without hesitation.

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