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If you could hyrbid strains and name it, what would it be?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by T0k3y the bear, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. Okay, if you could hybrid strains and name it and have it become a popular strain to smoke (something that doesnt exist already), What would it be?

    I've seen a couple people who've grown this but its not that much out there yet
    Mine would have to be blueberry x sour diesel , I'd call it..Sweet N Sour
  2. haha thats a pretty cool name.. ive heard of blueberry x NY sour diesel and it was called blue city diesel.
  3. hard to say because there are so many crosses on the market out there!

    I'd probably try my best crossing some white widow with some blueberry [and call it SnowCone] or white widow and a hash plant (which would be ... ? shit, i'd probably just call it "Couch weed" cause that's where you'd end up).

    sour d and blueberry would be sick... I haven't seen many crosses use bubblegum, so maybe lemon haze x bubblegum = GumDrop?

    ... I definitely want to learn about genetics so at some point i can "create" a strain. Lot of work for sure from what I hear though. Because you have to breed, and then cross breed back on itself, and then breed it out for stability, lots of work.
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    White Russian x Blueberry Kush

    I'd probably call it White Berry Kush! How Bomb would that be!
  5. Grandaddy Purp X Jack Herer = Grandaddy Jack
    Black Widow X Hindu Kush = Black Indian
    Sour Diesel X White Widow = Sex
  6. bubba kush x blueberrry = cotton candy
  7. This is fun.

    Trainwreck x Snowcap
    Polar Express

    God's Gift x Church Kush
    Jesus H. Chronic

    Maui Wowie x Super Silver Haze
    The Silver Surfer
  8. Grandaddy purp x Strawberry cough= Grandaddy cough

    straight up:smoking:
  9. hahaha jesus h. chronic, thats fuckin hilarious.

    best i could come up with

    Super Silver haze x Hindu kush = White peak
  10. Red hair skunk x red rooster

    (Blueberry x raspberry cough) x blackberry

    G13 x Sour diesel
  11. White Widow x Black widow = Widow Maker?

    Santa Sativa + Moby Dick = Santa's Dick
  12. Jedi x Master Kush
    Jedi Master

    AK 47 x G13
  13. Purple Haze x Granddady Purp= Barney
  14. haze x sour diesel = hazel
    grape ape x purple kush = purple rape
    kush x trainwreck = magic carpet
    goo x kush = goosh
  15. Og kush x Crystal = Green Goblin
    White widow x cheese = Cheez Its
  16. I would mix:
    OG Kush x Trainwreck. Called: "A" Train
    Queen Bee x GDP. Called: He Queen
  17. One more.
    Big Bud x Crystal=Bruce Banner. (Like the Hulk, big green :D )
  18. purps and cat piss

    purple piss

    lame. i know.
  19. blue dream x snow = wet dream
    and my buddy made a strain and we can't think of a name, it was ak-47 x sativa spirit, every name we came up with was super cheesy and would be emberassing to say outloud to people.
  20. Jack Flash x OG Diesel
    Flash Gordon

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