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If you could have only one

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Jun 25, 2003.

  1. What would you choose..

    Ever lasting happiness with the one person that you love for ever and always......................................


    life time supply of weed..

    NO you can't have both!!!!!
  2. I'll take tha weed so i can have both,,,

    "I love you Mary Jane"


    But seriously, I'll take tha weed, cause then i know no matter wehat happens i'll still be happy. I live a monastic lifestyle and my philosiphy of life allows me to have equal love for all'yall even ya haters, especailly all ya haters, cause then it cancels the negativity ya try to flow my way.

    Where do i sign up?

  3. Sign up at the White house.. Go in the front door and ask for Monica..

    Hold her head down till the end. She'll use the spills against you if she doesn't swallow it all!
  4. Tough one..
    Though, the fact that the women I fall in love with, must be a stoner, makes me win in both ways :)

    we simply both grow muchos weed, and both smoke it together, and love eachother forever.

    2 in 1 ;)
  5. i'd choose everlasting happiness with the one u luv for ever and always. but i sure would miss the ganja.
  6. id take the love. weeds cool, but i see myself quitting in the future anyways, and theres nuthing like a good women ;)
  7. the love....cause i can always grow my own !! ;)
  8. everlasting happines with the one person that I love, because I'd rather be guaranteed happiness than have to seek it on my own.
  9. I would pick the weed. Cause love sucks. And if I'm all slap happy in love it would detract from my chillin with the boys time.
  10. if you had asked a few days ago i would have probably chosen the weed.

    but now...
    even just a life times happiness with the one i love sounds preferable. so forever? ooh yeah. gimmie.

    but... in the real world... the real world where there are uncertainties... if i was asked, without any life threatening reason to give up the herb for a loved one... i'd have to decline. the herb has been the biggest part of my life (except my art) for the past 4 years and i very much hope it will be for the rest of my life too.

    but again to restate...
    even just a life times happiness with the one i love sounds preferable. so forever? ooh yeah. gimmie.
  11. hmm, not sure if its a little too early for me to be posting in this forum, but ill take a shot.

    this was an easy choice, id go with ever lasting happiness. cause i could always be happy, and i can still buy or grow my own weed and be even happier. as long as the chick i fell in love with was hot and good in bed...heh.
  12. id go with everlastin hapieness.

  13. no question. no second thoughts. no doubt.
  14. well if i had everlasting happiness with the one i loved then i wouldnt need weed would i'd go with that and itd be forever so itd be awesome
  15. I knew happiness would win!!!

    One more thing!!!!! You may not have a lifetime supply of weed........... but I never said you couldn't smoke it when you do have it!!!!!!!
  16. I'd take the isn't making me very happy right now. And I can't see it ever happening.
  17. weed does make me happy, but if i was guaranteed life-long happiness with the one i love? totally take the love baby, love is like oxygen, love lifts us up where we belong, all you need is love ;)
  18. Thing is, everlasting happiness sounds depressing, i mean who want s to be happy forever all the time? That sounds pretty boring. The whole opint to happiness is that you have to overcome adversity to find it. It's not the destination it's the journey kinda thing. Sure a flat straight path is easy and painless, but the road less travelled is more often than not, a whole lot more fun, even though t means enduring some pain along the way.

    On the other hand, you can never have too much weed, ever!

  19. An optimist... Good points.. the only thing is..... if only one thing in your life is perfect......... There is so much other stuff that will keep you on your feet!!!!!
  20. My whole point is that in order to find happiness in perfection i feel I have to achieve perfection through personal struggle. Any other way is too much like cheating. If that personal struggle involves relational hardships, so be it.

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