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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by BudFanatic, Feb 9, 2004.

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  1. ANY ONE thing, what would it be? Would you take a lot of money? Happiness? World peace? Infinite bud?

    I believe that if there was eternal world peace, there would eventually be happiness and infinite bud. :D
  2. mmm...that\'s a hard one. i might take the money...because that would be one worry off my mind right now, especially since i\'m a broke college student, but i think, now more than ever, i would like to know what career would make me happiest, but then again, that\'s part of growing, actually making choices to find that out. i think i would just like an A in organic chem and the lab...yep...just a guaranteed A in ole\' man creed\'s class...that would help my life out in the most tremendous way.
  3. infinate money so i could buy all the bud i wanted and then donate a shit load of money
  4. an island of my own away from modern life and laws. Just you guys and me. toking up all the time. :smoking:
  5. Grasscity becomes the capitol of the island :D

  6. awe! :)

    wait..*gives the eye* your own island??

    yeah just us nuts like us on an island in the sun! :D
  7. lot of surf there too lol
  8. I\'m thinking of all the moral things i should be saying to look good for everyone and whatnot.. but i think i\'d have to go with money...

    Money can buy everything, don\'t care what you say about that... it\'s the truth, if you have a brain and you have money, you can buy anything with it...
  9. Infinate Bud sounds pretty good to me ... dunno it would be that or a 03 Cobra ... heh.
  10. I would have to go with the infinite bud too. Like a bottomless bag where every time you take some out, it replaces itself with a different type of bud. Then I would save all my roaches for months and keep makin generations and try to get to 13th generation roaches or some crazy shit like that. I don\'t know though. I\'m just a little on the stoned side right now.

    Keep Tokin
  11. Isn\'t infinite bud the equivalent of lots of money, happiness, and world peace all tied into one???

    I\'m sticking with the bud...
  12. Now that I think about it and really consider it, I think bud should rain from the sky like skittles do in those commercials...haha...\"taste the skunky rainbow\" :D
  13. i\'d have freinds.

  14. passes the blunt to dr_krapp....*
  15. i\'d take the money, so i could go to NYC for a shoppin trip and see a friend of mine, then i could get alot of bud too. then i\'d go to dr krapps island to join u all in the smoking!

  16. nice. i was so in before. but nevertheless, nicccce :D
  17. No buds raining from the sky at this island :confused:? Man... :(
  18. id have the ability to scrape my lungs of resin...then smoke it.
  19. i give everything i got for one thing and god knows whats that..latezz..

  20. well that\'d just be silly, without the rain our plant would die, lol :p

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