if you could have a session with any person...

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  1. hey, i'm new here so i just wanted to introduce myself and learn a little more about the others around here by posing an open-ended question:

    if you could have a session with any person (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

    **person has to be a known smoker or a person who is highly suspected of being a smoker. in other words, you can't pick somebody like oprah and be like "yea, i wanna smoke a blunt with oprah cuz she's oprah..."

  2. i would have a session with the search feature
  3. William S. Burroughs.

    And agreed with above.
  4. dude paris hilton. fosho. shed fersure suck me off if she was stoned. i know it. haa
  5. arthur machen, fucker could NOT have written the great god pan sober
  6. for me it would be bob marley. i know it it sounds like a cliche, but i would be really interested in smoking a joint with the legend and just having a casual conversation with him about his views on life and herb in general.

    i also wouldn't mind smoking a blunt with snoop. from what i hear, he gets some killer bud and i'm sure he would have some pretty hilarious stories to share.
  7. I wouldnt mind ripping some of Hashbeans weed and hash out of his best bong.

  8. Why do people always feel the need to say something like that in someones thread? :confused_2:

    Anyway, I'd like to toke with Obama. He's admitted to smoking before, wouldn't be all too surprised if he toked occasionally still. I hope to Jah that he gets busted toking, not because I want him in trouble but because I think it would really help the movement if it were known that the President even tokes.

  9. Paris hilton cant fuck worth shit, haven't you ever seen the sex tape? lol
  10. you truly really think obama still smokes weed? really? and paris hilton, i just felt like saying that. idk i was bored.

  11. When youve been here more then one month you will realize why people say that.

    Obama wouldnt be dumb enough to blaze during his presidency.

  12. very valid point. never thought about it that way. it would cause chaos throughout the country, but i'm in favor any momentum towards legalizing bud..i would definitely light up with obama tho. i bet u he would get real silly and be a real chill dude to just chat with.
  13. I would smoke with my biology teacher from 10th grade... he used to be a pothead but hes like the most badass 60 year old alive.

  14. I just think it's rude the way some people post it. If a thread isn't on the first 5 or so pages, I think it's ok to make a new thread. That's generally accepted at most other msg boards I've visited. Is there a particular rule against here for it?
  15. ^^ hahaha respect for the noncelebrity choice
  16. The president is not going to get busted for smoking weed... Presidents can have people removed from the world if they want. I doubt he would allow anyone to "bust" him.
  17. I'd choose Carl Sagan, but too bad he's not alive anymore. I have an audiobook on my computer of him reading Pale Blue Dot, and he simply brings the entire universe down to a level that the average person can comprehend.
  18. id wanna smoke with dennis hopper.. talk about art n shit..
  19. The legend himself Mr.Marley or Tupac
  20. Either of my parents.

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