If you could go back in time...

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  1. Would you go back and do something and why?:D
  2. not fuck up a couple of relationships
  3. I have a feeling you wouldn't be the only one. :rolleyes:
  4. give john lennon a bullet proof vest
  5. Oh, I forgot to post mine!
    I would go back and take care of John Bonham that one fateful day.
  6. id make sure Tupac didnt get shot that night...
  7. This pretty much sums it up.
  8. If I could go back in time I've always said I'd want to head out across the North American continent a year before Henry Kelsey went on his expedition, and see the glory of nature in its infancy.

    But if we're talking about going back to an event that you could change...I'd go back to Culloden with some automatic rifles to give to my forebears. :mad:
  9. i'd go back and assassinate Henry J. Anslinger.
  10. Make sure Hitler wasn't able to build his army.

    Thus eliminating WWII.

    Thus eliminating Nukes also as we wouldn't have needed a reason for them.
  11. Stop 9/11 and any other death i could remember
    Do unmentionables at Woodstock
    Smoke a blunt with Jesus, Abe Lincoln, and my great, great, great grandfather
    Invest in google and mccdonalds
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    Nice, I was gonna say this. :laughing:
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    Also, Harry*
  14. I would replace everytime I have gotten drunk with being high
  15. No, the past is the past and there is no use dwelling on it. Plus think about how changing something in your past might affect the present.

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