If you could go back in time..

Discussion in 'General' started by KB_124, Aug 24, 2002.

  1. If you could go back in time to any point of your life what would the year, and day be? What meaning does it have to you? This would be for 24 hours.
    Give this some real thought, you might have fun.
    My date would have to be July 3,1998 it was at our cottage and it was a family reunion. It was the only time i really saw all of them together, and it was a great day to me.
  2. the hour before I first got high, so I can get high for the first time again :)
  3. I would go back to November 25, 2001. That was the day my friend overdosed after I left her house from a day/night of snorting oxycontins. I would change that whole day and I definitely never would have left and she would still be alive and well.
  4. Back in time? Hmm..... If could take a bag of seeds I'd go back to the time of the dinosaurs, I bet that their poop woul make the best fertilizer imaginable. Come on give me a little more latitude cause I gotta go back and harvest it, that is if the damn dinosaurs havn't eaten my crop, maybe an electric fence would do, sheesh I forgot, no way to generate electricity, maybe I could get my friends from Belteguese (little planet in the Orin Belt) to supply me with a force field, they are pretty good engineers you see. Crap gotta figure something out cause those seeds are an excellent strain.

    Paul J Jamtgaard
  5. Back in time? Well I would go back to August of 2000, when Phishhead and I drove back from Indiana to California together... I would go back a week before I left and schedule ALL my vacation time so we could have more than just 4 days to get back in... We had fun, but we could have made it so much MORE fun without the "holy shit we're a day late and we're still in Utah i wonder if my job is waiting on me" factor.
    (we still managed a stop in Reno @ Circus Circus for a day,
  6. holy cripes paul....i am laughing...aloud....again....

    and to answer the question, the only really important thing ive fucked up, i dont remember the day, so it wouldnt matter much if i could go back...
  7. I never live in the past. I do have some nice plans for the future. I will enjoy life love and weed for ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. i'd go back and make sure I ran off with the right guy this time.
  9. i find that most people my age want material things, cars, clothes, retardedly large amounts of anything...i personally, would be happy with the whole love thing that everybody talks about.....thats what i would go back and change, i would have done a lot of things differently though....a LOT of things...but, i also think ive grown up and learned a lot from that situation, so hell, maybe it was supposed to go down like that...maybe thats why we CANT change our past, because it shapes our future.
  10. last week..so I could play the winning lotto numbers....FUCK! I WANNA GO TO MILLIONAIRE UNIVERSITY AND LEARN HOW TO GET PAID TO SIT AROUND ALL DAY AND COUNT MY MILLIONS!!!!LIFES NOT FAIR AND THAT PISSES ME OFF!...back to my job...im on lunch break....I smoke drugs instead of eating lunch..its a good strategy..I love you all
  11. i would have to say 1989. grade 10 summer. omg! best summer of my life.i can't pick one day cuz everyday was a blast! i met the love of my life. we were best friends through highschool and i chickened out. i still think about him. i had sooooo much fun. so young. i did end up marrying someone else i met that summer though.
  12. epiphany

    no not the damned song....i was in the bathroom, going through my usual preshower routine, ya know, poppin zits, pickin at teeth, makin sure i aint growin a unibrow, so on and so forth..anyway, i keep smellin this...stink...so i look around to see if the cat shit beside the toilet again...nope..no shit there...so, i sit down to take me own dump..and the smell gets stronger...no i didnt shit my pants, but, take the time if you will, to notice what part of your body you get closer to when you sit down...NO not your genitals...your feet...MY FEET STANK LIKE WET PUPPY DOGS...and it startled me...so i took my dump, and then a shower........maybe im sharin too much with you people.
  13. yes..sharing WAY too much you filthy bitch
  14. *scratches eye with middle finger in hanks direction....very deliberately i might add*......but they did stink.....kinda like.....have you noticed..that we turn threads into some off the wall shit? between you and i and paul..the city is goin crackpot.
  15. yes I know..but unlike yahooka where evryone becomes a badass flamer.....we turned grasscity into a forum full of gross funk...did i mention funk is my new word?
  16. hey, we doodoo kinda brighten up the place a little...as if the pale green didnt do enough......and no, you didnt mention it....YOU JUST SAID FUNK ABOUT 3 or 4 times....which...is a neat word....my word is............meow................................why did i put multiple periods, i hate periods....or...green pills.....flintstones vitamins hell fuajovmeing yeah!!!
  17. funk... sass... sass-a-frass.... sass-boot... peanut..... funtastic... and butt grease ae m favorite words

    hey norm...I hope youre british and have BBC television..cuz today at the saturday marketthey were scootin aboot the place interviewing people about september 111 (they were going to tons of cities all over the nation...they went to eugene cuz its full of hippies with much different points of views)..but anywho they filmed me walking by and I gave the camera a sexy look and winked....im pretty sure they'll use it..why on earth would they edit out the wink?..it was so sexy!....well anyhoo if you can get bbc its some show called nightline or something...some dateline ripoff(fuckin brits..only good for making game shows with mean women hosts with red hair who yell)..anyhoo if you can watch it you just may see the nubbster wink at ya...(ok I was relly winking at the camera guy, but you get the point)...I was soned of my ass too..so it'd be even better if they showed it
  18. im not a brit...im south arkansasawianeeseanite and...when do ya think itull be on the airwavees? cuz i got 32353254 channels of SHIT....and im sure...having SHIT..bbc will be on there somwhere.
  19. I have no fucking clue...those brits run on european time so its probably going to be on at 16 o clock over there..I dont have a snaggltooth meter to convert brit time to normal time so I cant be of any help..im thinkin maybe within the week..unless theyre going to tons of other cities still...who the hell knows
  20. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm................that helps about this much || not a whole lot there.....oh well..i will constantly tune in to the bbc for the rest of my life, never looking away just for the mere chance to get a glimps of the fabled hank....actually probably not, ill go to bed in al il while and forget

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