If you could go back in time.

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  1. Me and my madre are having a argument lol she says if she could go back in time and stop the holocaust from happening she would. I say i wouldnt because it could change the future for the bad and i say why risk it?

    so im just curious what would you do if you had the chance?
  2. I would go back and not date the bitch i wasted 3 years of my life on. :D
  3. hmm i thinkabout that everyonce in a while.f im not trying to be ofensive to jews but thera are already Alot of jews in the world witht eh halocoaust if that happened maybe the jews would contorol the world or something

    i think i would kill the first person who had aids
  4. personaly i think changing the world is an extreamly stupid idea. thats why if we ever did get some type of time travel technolagy it wouldnt be worth it. sombody would do somthing stupid to end up taking over the world themselves or they would make a bad desition trying to help the world but only make it worse.
  5. I try not to think about the ability to go back in time and change things, and simply learn from my mistakes. Although I don't always learn, it's simply painful to think about what could have been if you could go back and change things.
  6. I would definitely have changed the fact that weed was made illegal....:eek:
  7. no regrets man

    fuck a time machine
  8. that seems great now but who knows what else would have changed if weed was legal all this time? nobody knows there might have been a bad outcome from it.
  9. dito lol
  10. eh - i dunno. Things happen for a reason. I have a "never regret" type of mentality. If we could go back in time and fix all things that were bad, than nobody would even know what's good. Let it be. Let all things be. The universe tends to unfold as it should (I come from jewish heritage btw. I have family members that were involved in the holocaust)
  11. I don't see how. People would be more accepting of the idea of using hemp for more things, rather than writing it off as a biproduct from some "drug".

    I think it would speed up our process here.
  12. i think weed awakens a lot of people to the shit and propoganda the government has fed us. If it were never made illegal, those who use it wouldn't have that great awakening. MJ has been one of the biggest influences in my life/on my personality because of its legal status and historical background
  13. still like i said we never know. there are so many different things that can happen in this world you really never know.
  14. if i could go back in time i would definetly go back to the night i got caught smoking in my room at college and just go to bed instead of smokin cuz i was already fucked up that nite...my biggest regret

    and i wouldnt change the holocaust cuz it already happened and tbh...i wasnt even alive back then so who gives a shit

  15. Well, then I definitely would still change dating that bitch for 3 years.

    I don't actually regret it, but damn looking back, I could've been doing so much more.:p
  16. Well the extermination of the jews would never had happen (if you think about it, the holocaust was the most fucked up thing ever), so wouldn't that lead to believe that it is still capable to happen?

    If it didn't happen maybe people like hitler and his many prodigy's would eventually have this happen. Or maybe it changes so much that hitler is never evil.

    But who cares? It happened we know the lesson, it would be fucked up if it never happened blah blah
  17. I would go back in time and write on the constitution that marijuana is legal to grow, sell, for any use.
  18. but still whos to say that one of the people who were killed wouldnt have grown up to be an evil man? whos to say one would grow up to be a terrorist and shoot off a nuclear bomb or somthing. people act like all the jews were good people when nobody knew them personally. dont get me wrong i do think it was a horrible thing but im sure there were a few bad apples out of the bunch that could have been a threat in the future.
  19. I see what you mean.

    Just like the tales of Thanksgiving were the indians had a good time with the america's and stuff, but really they fucked up the indians and it wasn't cool.

  20. I would've saved my money and not buy stupid shit
    fucked all of those chicks that offered sex over the years
    have more fist fights growing up
    hang out with different types of people
    watch more of those 90s movies
    I would've smoked weed as a kid

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