If you could go anywhere in the world

Discussion in 'General' started by HardToker(:, May 12, 2010.

  1. Imagine if you could teleport yourself to any place in the world right now, where would you go? and why?

    I would go to St. Ives in cornwall because i used to go on holidays there every year when i was growing up and i havnt been for a few years. I wanna go sit on the sand dunes and smoke a fat head whilst watching the sun set :cool:
  2. fishing pier in the Outer Banks, NC.
  3. [​IMG]

    here, to trip on mushrooms

  4. I'm with this guy!
  5. I guess I'd goto Panama

    or England to play & watch some good soccer
  6. Someplace I know I'll probably never go. The Galapagos Islands. I'd like to spend time on the islands and also some time diving around them.
  7. your moms house.

    no but really i would go to that island up there, looks like a psychedelic paradise
  8. yea I just couldn't imagine what it'd be like to walk up to this trippin balls

  9. The summit of Mt. Everest. I would require appropriate clothing, an oxygen tank, and a quick teleportation back.
  10. Volograd, Russia. Id love to get into some of those buildings that have been closed up since the end of the battle. They supposedly still have the shell casings and debris on the floor.
  11. Texas..
    With lots of weed.. :smoking:
  12. I think Russia would be really interesting.
  13. Anywhere? I'd propably go to someplace that i'll definitely never get a chance to visit again.. Dunno.. Somewhere on a tropical beach under a palm tree with a big j and a cold beer:D Sounds like a plan.
  14. this place in brazil. it's one of the 7 world wonders. and if i remember right it's something like 2-3 times bigger than niagra falls. this is just one of the many parts of the "falls"

    no joke i went, thought it would be lame, then was like shit i should've smoked a bowl before coming.

  15. [​IMG]

    good 'ol amsterdam
  16. I get to spend every day on the outer banks :cool:
  17. You must be slangin or family money or something, lol. Cuz there is, like, zero work there.
  18. Any place with cool mountain air that is beautiful in the summer and tolerable in the winter is fine with me...someplace away from people...someplace like where I took this shot...

  19. The homeland of my ancestors. :D

  20. Yeah I spend a two days down there at least once a month and more in the summer.

    I would always just say Costa Rica... you got the Caribbean side and you have the latin side.. rain forest, surfing, and just chill people and beautiful women.

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