If you could give yourself head......

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by GimmieMore, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. good point lol
  2. Yes, i would definitely have to try it. I mean, i don't care what people say, even if your dead set against it, if you know you have the ability to be able to suck your own dick, your gonna be alone watching some hot chick on TV, and curiosity is gonna get the best of you, and your gonna blow your self.

    I would try it, whether or not i like it is a different story.
  3. Fuck yeah, I definitely would. Those who are saying you wouldn't...BULLSHIIIIIIIT! Ain't no shame in being a cock sucker :p
  4. ive tried but couldnt reach lol.

    So yeah id give it a shot.
  5. I use to suck my own cock daily. It strains the hell out of your neck and back but when i started i could only get a 1/2 in but after a while i was able to get 3+ inches. But i havnt done that in quit sometime. I guess i lost my flexibility:(
  6. Not true. I can suck my own penis and I don't. Not that I have an exceptionally large penis. In fact, I'll be honest, I just have your average run of the mill size dick. I just do yoga once a week, and it gets you really flexible.

    But.... I tried it once or twice. Made me feel.....not right.
  7. Hell no I would not I'm happy to let others do it for me
  8. i have before...but i mean you masturbate with your own hand so whatever.

    back in high school i knew some kid who could lick his cock when it was soft. it was hilarious at the time.
  9. no thanks
    its not my favourite anyway
    & i can get it from someone else. so why bother ;)
  10. wtf, some of you guys have tired?

    sounds like yall need a woman or a fit arm :eek:
  11. No dick in my mouth.. not happening. Not mine, not someone elses. Just wouldn't be able to do it, haha. But thats just me.

  12. tried? no, they've succeeded. :laughing:

    does it make you gay to suck your own dick? :p

  13. i wouldnt want to generalize here but something about having any penis in your mouth sounds fucked up. it would be just as bad if it was my own because that would mean that i am getting pleasure from sucking dick, and thats pretty darn gay. and if a chick has a dick that she can suck then i guess thats ok but lonely looking.
  14. like bill hicks said, ladies if we could blow ourselves you'd be here alone watching a mic stand
  15. hahahahaha
  16. Yeah, that is pretty much the hottest thing ever!!!!

    I actually did once. My fiancee said she would suck my cock if i tried. Guess I could. Would not do it again.
  17. This would be the thought prosess...

    Hey I wonder if I can...
    I'm pretty sure I can!
    That's disgusting... no way.
    *Thinks about it for ever*
    *Tries it*

    C'mon. Everyone would totally try it at least once... You know it's true!
  18. Hey it's my own body I'll do whatever I want with it
  19. no. i hate my pussy. i think its funny.
  20. i dont understand..a ton of guys are like "no, i dont want a dick in my mouth even if its my own" etc..

    but then why is it okay to jack off? you'll put a dick in your hand but not your mouth? i mean, i realise its different, but i dont think its logical.

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