If you could give yourself head......

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  1. I was actually thinking about this the other day. I came up with no, just because it'd be really weird to have a dick in my mouth. Plus the fact of semen getting in my mouth freaks me the fuck out. I mean, it'd be some kind of vicious circle... semen----->mouth------->penis------->back to semen in my mouth

    Not my thing, I'll take my chances with the ladies xD

  2. what's wrong with.. tasting yourself? isn't it hot when a girl shoves a finger up her pussy and licks her juices afterwards? actually.. it would be kind of a weird if a guy was cumming into his own mouth. not so much for a girl :hello:

  3. It's a nice double standard that I don't need to think about.
  4. i think i had ia dream about it and i could it was an awsome day
  5. Maybe if i took some good x hah
  6. no, not me, not nobody except give females head.
  7. i think it would be fun for a day or two but then it would just be like "well i can suck my own dick thats pretty cool".
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    it sounds great...but it'd just end up like masturbation. or like...does tickling yourself really work?

    i bet this thread causes a surge in yoga participation.

  9. hey! now that i think about.. no wonder more and more males are taking yoga classes. i mean why else would they want to be freakin flexible?
  10. ehhhhh not for me. i see a lot of guys wouldnt mind their own dick in thier mouths

    this raises the question of whether you would spit or swallow your own juice

  11. I sincerely hope noone enjoys swallowing entire civilizations worth of their would-be babies.
  12. i can do it
  13. I tried it when I was younger like 13-14 cause my penis was just about as big as it is now, but I was a lot smaller. I actually did it and could fit the head in my mouth but I got precum in my mouth which was pretty gross and I couldnt move fast enough to really get it going :(
  14. yes. That is all.
  15. That's how you break your neck.
  16. Nope i wouldn't... i would consider myself a homo and wouldn't be able to sleep.
  17. If you're lucky that's how.......
  18. Sure I would, cos I taste great! :D
  19. what, never jerked yourself off? :laughing:
  20. if i had a penis i would try.

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