If you could give yourself head......

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by GimmieMore, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Of course I did.... lol


    worst? I thought they were good....

    either way......stop reading my mind......
  2. Where would the semen go? :laughing:

  3. Wherever you directed it.... like any other time......
  4. I used to be able to do it in Jr. High but it was before I understood cumming so it was all just expirimenting on myself. I tried it a while ago and realized i was insanely flexible back then. Like i could get an inch or two in my mouth and my balls. I really wish I could have enjoyed it.

    I wish I could do it now. It would be a great alternative to jacking off. My hand is a good lover but it's always the same.

    However I do buy into Kinsey's theory of Hetero/Homo Sexuality being able to be rated on a 1-5 scale with most people falling in the 2-4 range (1 and 5 being total hetero/homo respectivley). I dont think i could handle a dick in my mouth but i could be up for strap on play with a chick. I'm mad kinky though and will try anything in bed.

    Sleep deprivation removes my posting inhibitions
  5. haha, not too long ago my friend was really drunk and this was brought up and he admitted to trying to once, i honestly can't say i have

  6. I’m thinking that might be a little hard while you’re in such a position, hard to imagine it all though.

    Buzzard you've sucked your own dick? Do you not have a spine?

    “what an embarrassing way to die”
    “that’s nothing compared to how my cousin walter died”
    “how did he die?”
    “he broke his neck”
    “that’s embarrassing?”
    “he broke his neck trying to suck his own dick”
  7. uh....some guys have longer dicks?
  8. i can put both legs behind my head
    never actually tried to do it, i def would skeet in my mouth tho
  9. It was a while a go. It's mainly a matter of being flexible and thin. I am neither of thos any more. Not fat just grew alot and have a big frame.

    That did help.
  10. i thought about it then attempted it once but was unsuccessful :metal:
  11. yet i'm still not flexible enough... oh well lol
  12. gimmie..its HARD not to read ur mind when i KNO your thinking the same way i am! lolz :laughing:

    isnt it insane that im about to be someone mother??:eek:
  13. agreed!
  14. Well..I see some guys say they wouldn't put their mouths on dicks, not even your own??

    Well..I'd imagine that you wouldn't put your hand on another dick, but yet you masturbate??

    Yea, im sure I would..Ive tried before, but didn't quite make it, but that was years ago
  15. Fuck no, I couldn't imagine actually wanting (or LIKING for that matter) a dick, in my..mouth..
  16. Oh I wouldn't stop if I could.
    But then again I'm not always successful at masturbation in the first place... T__T
  17. Practice makes perfect tea.


  18. do u just need a "hand" with it?? lolz
    or maybe u just need an instructor watching near by to give pointers??

    srry...perv moment:eek:
  19. From my perspective.. Sucking dick is sucking dick. Whether it's your own or not, it's all the same to me, and if you have a strong desire to suck dick, you may wanna reevaluate your preferences.

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