If you could give yourself head......

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by GimmieMore, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Would you??

    Answer and discuss.
  2. no, I don't like the thought of a dick in my mouth, even if it's my own
  3. I tried but it didn't reach.
  4. id never leave the house.
  5. lol.... +rep for honesty

    Most of my male friends when I aask them say what amsterdamage said..... not that i believe most of them...

    I would... if noting else to be able to get better at my "craft"

    and i would finally know why my gf screams the way she does.....

    And I would never be dissatisfied...
  6. i tried to but i ddnt reach...
    so i would. def.it would be great....^_^
  7. you so started this thread cuz of the discussion in pic...lol...

    but yeah..i would...why not?;)
  8. :laughing: FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'd tear that pussy up.
  9. .......
    you just gave me and gimmie the "worst" ideas ever
    wow...cant stop the thought process:eek:

  10. This had me on the floor crying :D

    For me no dicks in the mouth so NOPE!!!
  11. lol i got it to work, but it was more painful than anything..gotta bend over and strain your neck like a mothafucka to get an inch or two in there..haven't done it since i was like 15 and to be honest i don't think i could anymore. i used to be very flexible haha.

    definitely interesting.
  12. Absolutely!
  13. I was actually able to do it when I was twelve. Now, looking back, I'm surprised how discusting I was (not that I think that people who would do it are discusting, only the idea of me doing it)...

  14. Hahahaha +rep

    Had me rollin
  15. unless a girl is on my dick 24/7 i would :D
    so...hell yea i would

    Would I suck another guy off? hellll naw. It's my own dick, come on. do you honestly think that you have not ingested a large amount of tissue/fluid particles from your dick even by just breathing naked? cause if you think that... you're a moron :D
  17. i dont think so. id try for sure.

    but i feel id gag to much, ruin it for me.
    ill just stick to the hand.
  18. i'd try anything twice. . .
  19. i proly would lol
  20. i def would atleast once and depending how that went id take it from there

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