If you could give me 10 good tips on growing in my attic they would be...

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by THCfarmer420, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. what are the ten most important tips/things to remember?

    also im not retarded, ive grown before, but from advanced mj growers, enlighten me!
  2. 1. Read the first sticky thread you find.
    2. Read the second sticky thread you find.
    3. Read the third sticky thread you find.
    4. Read the fourth sticky thread you find.
    5. Read the fifth sticky thread you find.
    6. Read the sixth sticky thread you find.
    7. Read the seventh sticky thread you find.
    8. Read the eighth sticky thread you find.
    9. Read the ninth sticky thread you find.
    10. Read the tenth sticky thread you find.

    Seriously, read up.
  3. funny stuff:laughing::laughing:but oh so true....read some of the stickys cause you will get response from the better growers if it sounds like your makin' the effort...toasty gives great advice..but he's not gonna kill a perfect buzz spellin' out everything he knows about growin..do a little research and pm me with any questions..i'll help ya too:wave:

    heres a bonus......dont scrimp on nutes..genetics....or grow equipment..and dont use miracle grow:rolleyes:good luck
  4. I can't give you 10 but I can give you some:
    1) Temperature Control:
    If your attic is like mine then it's going to be hot in the summer and cold in the winter.
    2) Waterings:
    Lugging water up and down stairs is a pain in the butt. Be prepared for it.

    That is all.

  5. why not use miracle grow? and i have two MAIN questions that are really concerning me.
    1. are 3 27 watt cfl bulbs hotter than one 150 hps bulb, and will it stick out on a flir or ir, or will my attic just get too hot? im set on the cfl's.
    2. if i only have one plant, whats the worst case scenario i get busted?
  6. no 3 27's are not hotter...it is unconstitutional to radomly flir..they must have a warrent to flirr your home...so if they got that..why not just kick your door in:confused_2:arc welders..torches..kilns...ovens..all put out more heat than a 400 hps..so they would think everyone growin...smell gets ya busted..tellin' people ya grow gets ya busted..sellin' gets ya busted..dont worry about flir..and 1 plant..no record..a firm fanny paddleing:D
  7. alright dude appreciate the advice, and if smells a problem, do you think it will be so potent as to be able to be smelled from an attic in a 3 story house?:confused: i doubt it but im just playing everything safe and learnin from the best and discoverin the rest.:devious:
  8. nah..if you got any kinda breeze...50 plants maybe...plus theres shit ya can do for smell.....must be an exhaust or bathroom vent..dryer vent..maybe tap inta that...and air freshener...fresh linen scent kicks ass....nobody every thinks anything about a fresh laundry scent..its so natural..and smells great:D...relax bro....worry about neighbors and family shit more than the feds;)
  9. I.....wow...I think I might start growing in my attic nwo that I think of it....im gonna have to get up there with some plywood though...get some wiring in...setup an exhaust..

    Oh, dont mind me, you just kinda opened a door that I never even considered...

    Ya uh..contribution to the thread...What deacon said..:D
  10. Attic grows are notoriously difficult because of temp problems -- freezing in winter and broiling hot in summer. It can be done, but you probably will need to build an insulated box in the attic with really solid ventilation feeding cool air, or else live in very temperate climate where the attic doesn't get hot. I tried an attic grow and gave up.

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