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If you could get your THC in any way, how would you?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by BongBreaker6, Jan 19, 2012.

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    Basically, if there were different forms of pot all available for the same price/high ratio (basically, $50 will get you the same amount of high for the same amount of time), which way would you want to get your high?

    I like the idea of pills because they're easy to hide and are quite portable. There's also no smell, and I'm not a fan of snorting stuff...

    I still love vaporizing though...and blunts are always good.
  2. whether it's vaping or edibles I always go back to smoking. There's nothing as satisfying as a lung full of THC. I'm aware how fast the lungs absorb THC but I'd love to see what THC straight to the blood stream would feel like.
  3. I love drinking it in the form of sodas.
  4. I want some kinda THC gland in my body
    that I can release any time I want. By
    pressing the roof of my mouth or...idk
    telling my body to dispense THC now!

    Pills and edibles are fantastic and last a
    lot longer.

    Actually I'll take that back, I'll get THC in
    any way, smoking, vaping, eating, etc.
  5. I just like smoking it.

    Although I do want to try that ice cream that some dispensary in Cali has. It has medicated brownies in it :)
  6. The THC Gland, that would be cool.

    Boss is being a douche? Just press your tongue up on your mouth's roof and a rush of THC will flow through your veins.

    Pretty awesome idea.
  7. Pill form would be nice for on-the-go / concealment.
    Don't they already have THC pills under the name of marinol? or something like that..
  8. Drinking for me, I can't swallow pills, as I fear that I'd choke on them if I did...so I stay away.
  9. Lol I've taken THC pills. Both indica and Sativas. And Gold Caps..

    I've had weed pdrinks including beer and fruit punches.

    Ive snorted Kief... (MISTAKE!)

    That leaves everything besides shooting it up lol

    And I'd want like a patch. I think that'd be cool.
  10. Rocket ship 0 to high real fast like

  11. I think a patch would be cool too.
  12. Just put that shit in the water, I'll even trade you fluoride.
  13. [quote name='"Happy Times"']

    I think a patch would be cool too.[/quote]

    Ya man.

    That'd be worth a try.
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    lol snorting weed.
  15. dabs need to be an option
  16. [quote name='"ParaBolTOOL"']lol snorting weed. Cant get high that way, so its not worth the pain and discomfort even if you could o_O[/quote]

    The thread is more along the lines of..

    IF there was a way... Which would you choose.
  17. There should be a thc patch, like those smoking patches, so the thc gets absorbed into your bloodstream. Just throw on a patch and it takes like half an hour to get stoned

  18. thats fine. I edited my post cause it turns out you can get high if you cook it or heat it up some how first. Just saying my lips would have to be permanently sealed shut for me to resort to snorting it lol
  19. [​IMG]
    Anybody tried bhang bars? They're boooomb. They use high quality chocolate. I just picked up a pack today. :hippie:
  20. a fuckable way

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