If you could fight one person....

Discussion in 'General' started by high as hell, Aug 15, 2007.

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  1. Who would it be?

    I say either Rupert Murdoch or Fred Phelps

    Edit: Hitler
  2. george w. bush
  3. My girlfriend
    Joe Rogan
    G Dub
    John Kerry
    Pope Benedict
  4. Tyler Durden: OK: any historic figure.

    Narrator: I\'d fight Gandhi.

    Tyler Durden:
    Good answer.

    Narrator: How about you?

    Tyler Durden:

    Narrator: Lincoln?

    Tyler Durden: Big guy, big reach. Skinny guys fight \'til they\'re burger.
  5. that had me laughing for awhile hahahaha
  6. Ehhh, she has no idea. I could straight up one hit her and drop that bitch. Soooooo fuckin close shes gonna rub me the wrong way pretty damn soon and Ima kick her ass to the curb.
  7. amen i know how that is,i\'ve had some ex\'s like that.
  8. hillary clinton
    the ass hole pizza guy who fucked up my order last night
    thats about it for now
  9. Gary Coleman.

    *DirtyPete snuffs Gary*

    \"That\'s what Willis was talking \'bout bitch!\"
  10. I\'m not really a violent person,so I say the OP for bringing this up.Instead of posting on grasscity,he\'ll post on blackeyecity....:devious:

    But really I would fight

    my stepdad
    my uncle
    my grandma(jk)
    T pain
    Dane cook
    and Owen Wilson(you\'ll bever be as good as your brother)
    oh and don\'t forget the GC Mods(especially the mods)
  11. haha +rep for the LOL
  12. Dick Cheney and George Bush.
    or maybe Ronald Reagen\'s ghost.
  13. Watch out for the REAGAN SMASH!!

    I would fight Harry J Anslinger
    Beat him to a bloody pulp..i would make him beg for death before i finished..then curb smash his fucking face
  14. Bruce Lee.

    Fight me you pussy.
  15. Hard choice.
    I\'m undecided between Cheney and O\'Reilly.
  16. Bill ORLY.

  17. Ya\'Reilly.
  18. Jim Harbaugh - he\'d probably beat my ass, but it would be worth a shot at that motherfucker
  19. ooo and this fuker jake because hes a pussy and takes shit to seriously
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