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If you could do something for eternity...

Discussion in 'General' started by YEM, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. What would you be doing and why?
  2. Smoke weed because it's AWESOME.
  3. I gotta agree ^^
  4. I would play guitar because it's my one true passion.

    I played for about 5 hours straight yesterday, I can see myself doing that for the rest of eternity.
  5. anything that wont get boring after 5 minutes :p
  6. Have high sex.
  7. Personally, I'd strap a saddle to a whale and ride that mofo around, given I have oxygen tanks that will last for eternity...

    Maybe dream for eternity, lucid if possible

  8. and i'd mine the moon
  9. Laugh :D

    or dance, that would be cool too
  10. That would be awsome.
  11. U beat me to it bigtime.. not weird though
    High sex yeah.. although sex is meant to have a beginning and an end, its all equally good imo. And actually sex is meant to end, cause it has a very happy ending usually.. but
    without all that, high sex.
  12. A high orgasm :D

    and smoking bud for eternity would be awesome.
  13. i like how you think.

    could i just follow you around for eternity? ;)
  14. I'd be more than cool with that. :cool:
  15. Make money. Can't do anything in this damn country without it. :(
  16. Chill.
    In a hammock.
    A comfortable hammock , that can roll joints.
  17. High *ORAL sex ;)

    That or eat. Whilst listning to music.

    I think smoking is pretty obvious..
  18. Martial arts. Just reconnecting with the body. Becoming one with the universe through constant instinctive action. Getting better faster stronger forever and ever.
  19. I think I'd go fishing.
  20. Be dead. Anything done for eternity would turn to torture. If I had to pick a living activity I would pick heroin. That would take at least a lifetime to get sick of.

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