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If you could design the perfect smoking spot/room/place, what would it be like?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mary Jboyfriend, May 3, 2011.

  1. Mine would be on the edge of a cliff looking out at the ocean. I'd be sitting on a bonzai tree with a wooden platform on the top. Except the bonzai tree would be 20 feet tall. I'd have 2 tamed black panthers sitting next to me. Next to the panthers would be two hot naked girls with the dankest weed laying all over their bodies. And in front of me would be a case filled with perfect j's and blunts. So I'd be chilling smoking my perfect j's, petting my black panthers and watching the ocean. Perfection.
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     It would be on a deck of my house facing mountains. Sunny beautiful day in the mid 70's with a solid breeze :D
    That is really all I need man.
  3. Overlooking the city, somewhere I can people watch, and easily escape into reality. I'd have a big comfy couch, mini fridge, snacks machine (free of course), and a green house for my grow. I'd put some subs in and a nice flat screen hanging on the wall.
  4. Location location location. For me, the view comes before the place.

    Thus, the place must have floor to ceiling frame-less-windows i.e.;

  5. I dunno in space with a little buuble perfectly mimiking earths ecosystem and I'd just sit there staring at some massive star exploding and shit.
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    on top of the hindu kush mountain range inside of a see through grow op over looking the world and suprise suprise i would be blazin some hindu kush

  7. Space oh god, YES !

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