If you could choose to live somebody else's life, who would it be and why?

Discussion in 'General' started by fragyn, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. If I had to choose to live somebody else's life, it'd be through Isaac Newton's lenses.

  2. It'd have to be Jordan Belfort The Wolf Of Wall St, guy is a legend in my eyes went from rags to riches and he had a mad time from the interviews I've seen and the movie is based on his life..
  3. Probably Paul McCartney's
    Cuz he's Paul friggin McCartney..
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    Or possible Ozzy Osbourne he also went from rags to riches and he's done every drug under the sun and is still living mans gonna live forever!
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  5. 'Cept ol' Ozzy seems to be paying the price for decades of substance abuse.
    Love Ozzy, but he can barely get a sentence out anymore.
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  6. True he can't string a sentence together but I'd still love to be him even if I couldn't speak properly, he's still touring and singing at age 68, not many people can say they still have a dream job at that age man
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  7. Loved Sabbath in the early '70's
    First 6 albums.
    Here's a pic of Ozzy with his finger up Bill Ward's nose..

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  8. hqdefault.jpg

    Ozzy out his tree :metal:
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  9. Yeah 60s/70s sabbath was good I didnt really get behind sabbath when dio took over on vocals still amazing but never the same without Ozzy
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  10. Forgot to mention I'm from Birmingham so sabbath are a local band for me :hello::metal:
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    The first Sabbath album shows the Mapledurham Watermill. My family's namesake.
    American of English decent. This thread is becoming the Black Sabbath thread..
    Sorry OP, didn't mean to derail your fun thread... I'm stoned...

    IMG_1113.JPG IMG_1112.JPG
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  12. Have no desire to be anybody else. People with 'good lives' don't even appreciate what they have, anyway.
  13. Probably some random 11th century hashshashin like Hassan-i Sabbah or somethin'.:coolalt:
  14. Seth Rogen, because Seth Rogen. Movies, comedy, and lots of weed and other things
  15. Amazing album bro, I told my dad I smoked weed while we was listening to black sabbath - black sabbath :smoking:
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  16. Not really happy with my own life so wouldn't be hard to find something I would prefer but probably a successful weed entrepreneur who is wealthy enough to donate lots of money to help stray dogs
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