If you could carry any blade legally...

Discussion in 'General' started by The Evil Thing, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. what would you carry? You have to take into consideration for what other people are carrying. This is more focusing as if it's real life, not some fantasy video game world in your head.

    As much as I would like one, a claymore would make riding the bus or taking uber a bit of a challenge...

    I would carry a combat tomahawk and a fixed full-tang survival knife with all that good shit like paracord and fire starter, because I'm paranoid like that. Combat tomahawk is also small enough to to really burden you, and not as glaringly obvious as a sword jutting out from you. Plus I just really like tomahawks.

    InB4 someone says katana, you fuckin weeb:cool:(I'm kidding)

    Or am I?
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  2. Katana. ;)
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  3. Wakizashi, blued blade mounted all in black...with the tsuka removed for easy concealment behind a trench coat.




    Green paracord tied on the handle. :ph34r: Because I'm paranoid like that...
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  4. Machete Jason Vorhees style can stop any mf in there tracks with a machete.
  5. Got your tomahawk. ;)



    Made by Colt, it has a solid piece construction; one piece of steel means the head can't come loose and go flying off. It came with black paracord...but I re-tied it myself with several layers for actual protection from impact shock (and to give me more paracord in an emergency.)
  6. If I were to carry with the intention of self defense and concealment I'd take a karambit. If concealment was less important I'd rock a ka bar like jax did in SOA.
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  7. ...And here's my survival knife, strapped onto my field pack which is loaded with survival equipment. US Navy Mark 2 Kabar fighting knife from World War Two.

    I wouldn't dream of leaving the trail without this pack and Kabar. I live in mountainous western Oregon. :D


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  8. I read this post this morning when I was hungover and didn't know what a Karambit was so Googled it and found this mesmerisingly cool video of someone making his own...

  9. I'd carry an original Leatherman
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  10. I've got my machete, love my kukri knife, and my combat knife. I'd love a cane sword though to be honest. Concealed in plain site. Mycroft Holmes' cane sword has a detached blade with a single shot pistol behind it.

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  11. Blade 2 on dvd with the alternate ending

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  12. Excalibur, because I would be king of the world.
    It's good to be King.
    I would fire Donald.
    And yes it's a real sword.... Pretty much
    Sort of.
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  13. My Katana

    Lol but I already carry a switch blade on me. :)
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  14. Beautiful tool! I'm a fan of full tang as well, less things to end up breaking. I would carry something very similar to that.mo
    move to Texas, pretty much any blade becomes legal for open carry September:laughing:
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