If you could be one age for your whole life...you'd be...?

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Feb 5, 2003.

  1. 10? 17? 21? 40? 69? 99? lol...this went around at work today, and thought it was neat hearing everyones answer..if you could be a certain age for the rest of your life, what age would you want to be? gotta tell whyyyyyy!
  2. 15 baby! im full of hormones, have enough brain power to make it in life, and aslong as I stack up on acne cream, life is oh so good.
  3. I'd wanna be 17...best year of my life
  4. Just cause back then i was still small, lightweight, and i was in way good shape. I used to ride BMX and skateboard all day everyday and i was invincible. I could totally pile onto concrete after screwing up a 10 foot gap and just bounce. Landing short of a jump meant i only racked about 80 to 120 lbs on my nust rather than 250+ now. I also relaize now looking back on it i had absolutely no fear, i just saw a jump, a handrail, or a big stair set and just went for it. I didn't have to think twice about just hauling ass and jumping over a car on my bike.

    I wouldn't mind being 19 again either, cause 19 was dope. I was again in way good shape after i lost 100 lbs and hit the gym for a year before and got all buff. I was still young and flexible enough to go big, and i've easily survived and landed some really crazy shit then too. One day while paraskating on the top of a 2 story parking garage i got going too fast and ran out of room (inline skates+15 foot military cargo parachute+40mph winds=FUN!!!!!)

    I launched over the wall and used the parachute to float down to the bottom. i gapped from 20 feet high and must have cleared 60 to 70 feet out from my takeoff it wa sick. At 19 i was in good enough shape to do all kinds of sick shit and still wasn't old enough to know better or feel pain. Back then i had a job down in miami florida climbing on the outside of hi-rise buildings to install cable TV. So aside from being all aggro on bike, board, and blades i had a cool job doing some "urban rock climbing"

    One day at work i couldn't get my equipment to one wall of the bulding i had to work on and i had to free climb an 8 story building. We were working on a pair of 30 story towers that were about 12 feet apart at their closest point. In order to get from one side to the other we had to place a 14 foot aluminum beam across the gap and walk across it. it was cool, and i got a good look through the eyes of a tightrope walker haha.

    Some days at work i'd have time to screw around cause i was ahead of schedule and we'd go up in the cage, rig our safety lines and harnesses, loosen about 40 to 50 feet of line from the harness and go "redneck bungee jumping". It was sweet. One day i did a perfect swan dive off the 22nd floor and when i came to a stop i was hanging outside the 14th floor and some old lady drinking her coffee on her balcony was freaking out cause i fell out of the sky and kanded in front of her.

    Still, being a kid again would be my first choice, out dirt jumping and skateboarding everyday.

    but, if i couldn't be a "kid" again, i'd be 19 and searching for the ultiamate adrenaline rush

    I'm now 27 looking for 19 again, cause that's as far back as i think i can realistically go performance-wise. I'm not as suicidally aggressive in my older years and now i think twice about mountian biking off the roof but what i've lost in raw drive and angst i've gained in knowledge, experience, and best of all, the herb!!! I get blazed and go riding and it is just so sweet i feel like i can fly, especially when i;m shooting down some stairs, flying off a dropoff, or carving.

    Actually more than anything i wish i could go back and meet myself when i was 16 and make myself smoke weed, cause i know life would have been a lot better if i had. I tried when i was 16 but couldn't get high.

  5. well, lol hard to pick one. either 17 cuz i had just the best time. absolutely!......but, 27 is one i would pick too.ur much more mature(most of the time lol). but i'm also havin a great time now, so i guess i can't really give u an answer!
  6. The stone age...

    heh, get it?

    get it?!

    Actually I'd have to say 21, the freedom of an adult with the mentality of a college student, aw yeah.

    Yeah, that's what you think. :D
  7. I like where I'm at now, and next year and the year after I hope to say the same. I never look back, only forward.
  8. (*RMJL)

    i cant tell coz im still having the time of my life. When im older i think im gonna say:" When i was 15, i had the time of my life!"
  9. i'm 19 now... if i had to pick an age to stay for the rest of my life... i'd probably pick 24-25. still young, fresh outta college... got my whole life ahead of me. yup... that'd probably be the way for me :)
  10. 21 dude you can drink and would always be in college
  11. I'd have to say 25 since car insurance goes down and you're not old enough to be the "old" guy at the club.

  12. THAT guy. LMAO.. creepy!!!
  13. Forget the years... Alive and stoned at any age is perfect!
  14. hmmm...Seems like my age is the one everyone wants to be.
    Lucky me.

    *Does the I'm (*RMJL) and the envy of many OFFF dance*
  15. Oooooh.......Ummmmm..Any where between 17 and 21 I'm 22 in May and life's starting to get a bit slow, I'm gonna keep partying as hard as I can but it just feels odd talking to people at partys who are five years younger then me. :(
  16. hhhm, id like a time machine just to go back to 18 CHANGE a few things,
    i wouldnt mind LOOKING 31 forever, but the more i grow the more i realize i dont know
    so i guess my answer is i wouldnt want to be any age forever. let alone a teenager..no offense to anyone but dam thems some hard years.

  17. i would stay right here, at 25. old enough to appreciate all that i have and all that it is in this life, yet young enough to be able to go out, travel and absorb it all in, without too many inhibitions!

    though as i grow older the more i appreciate life. when i am 35 i wll probably say i am the perfect age then,too.

    if i could be 7 forever, that'd be FUN but just not as enlightening.
  18. i would be 21, cus you can legally buy cigarettes and alchohal, no more standing out front of a store and asking random people if they will go buy you beer. and yet your still young and can still get into the hottest clubs.
  19. 19/20 my last yr of freedom.

    i would give up everything i now have if i could go back and not make the biggest mistake of my life. somethings are bad forever - like every yr since i turned 21!!!
  20. hell i would b 21.... u can drive drink ne thing u want....

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