If you could be anything you wanted what would it be.

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  1. i think id either be a samurai or a super saiyan.
  2. Charizard

    Fuck yeah
  3. A supercomputer
  4. If I could be anything I would be a lumberjack that chills out in the woods all day or I would be a mob boss an wear a suit and smoke all day.

  5. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mL7n5mEmXJo]Lumberjack Song - Monty Python - YouTube[/ame]

  6. God. Don't get me wrong, being a Demigod is awesome. I'm already the greatest person on the planet Earth. But if I was a full blown God. Oh boy.
  7. I wish I was a famous billionaire, I'd make my money by turning all my stoner adventures into movies.
  8. Id be a trillionaire.
  9. Not famous.. But millionaire
  10. charlie sheen
  11. The Batman, but not gay.
  12. [quote name='"Demiurge"']God. Don't get me wrong, being a Demigod is awesome. I'm already the greatest person on the planet Earth. [/quote]

    [quote name='"Demiurge"'] I was a mute that never had confrontations with anyone so I was never a suspect for anything and never got in trouble. Freshmen year me and some friends chilled on the roof a week straight during lunch. There was this old auditorium and on the stage you had to jump to grab this ledge and then there was a little room with a ladder to the roof. It was on the side of the school that was always completely dead. Also during the winter we would punch out all the screen windows down this one hallway by the gym so it would be freezing. Sometimes we would have quick snowball fights the days we had gym.

    Sophomore year there was a gas leak and everyone had to leave. A huge group of people and me just fucked off and walking into town until they were making people go back in(which was over an hour).

    Also freshmen year I was such a mute, my Spanish teacher didn't even know I existed until half way through the year. I spent more time on the computer in the library than actually in class. I just went when we had a test because the school messed up when I transferred and I was supposed to go into the second year or spanish because I took the first year at my old school so I never needed to be there.

    I consider that part of my childhood. I did fuck all when I was actually a child. I was a mad good kid.[/quote]

    Something.. Doesnt.. Add up...
  13. a cy young award winning pitcher
  14. let's see, I'd be off probation, living in a decent apartment far away from home, have a decent job that still allows me freedom, and spend my free time hanging out with friends or writing music.

    Hopefully I'll reach this soon enough.
  15. Astronaut going to mars... Fuck Yeah!
  16. Hmm..

    after a lot of thought nothing sounds better than super saiyan. First choice would be super saiyan

    runners up:

    powers of The Envoy - pheromones of extreme suggestibility that leave everyone agreeing with you, and generally feeling good

    powers of The Gardener - can instantly grow or heal any plant

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