if you can't trust someone over the internet who can you trust?!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Smoken Souljah, May 7, 2006.

  1. haha, well, last night i took the plunge, i met and smoked with my first member from GC :eek: ! i am happy to say, i am alive, not raped, not robbed, or not beaten! oh yah! :confused: !

    well last night i met up with blaze it up 420 and 2 of his buddies, we went to this kickass rock spot and smoked a few bowls, then we headed back to his house where we smoked summore, then we hit up LASER TAG! haha :hello: :smoke: ! it was bomb, ripped lasertag is where its at, we stepped out of the place to smoke another bowl to keep us going and then played summore and went back home! his home.... to smoke a few MORE bowls... and then i left and almost passed out driving home @ like 2 in the mourning.... lol! well thats my story, im happy to say im not a cop and neither is blaze it up 420
  2. that's cool man. i've smoked with someone from here before.

    definitely was a little nervous, but it turned out cool.
  3. I've smoked with people I've met online, but none from GC.
  4. Nice man. I've smoked with....3 people on GC..i love how weed brings all sorts of people together.
  5. thats sounds fun as hell. i havent smoked with ne one from here yet, but i plan to eventually
  6. Thas good to hear.

    I havent smoked with anybody yet, Though people tell me if they in the area they'll hit me up but hasent happened yet.
  7. I've smoked with someone off here and I wasn't that nervous but you never know what could happen. I'm glad I did it because there really chill and not that far from me.
  8. yeah its really nice to meet up with someone from this site. Ive met up with Josh Ryche twice and had a blast. I hope to meet up with some of the guys from the Vancouver area next year when im at college.
  9. the only gc person i've smoked with is now banned, haha
  10. nice... what part of mass are you from?
  11. hahah good fuckin times man. That laser tag was the shit aside from those little kids. Im from Upton
  12. Nice to know all your dates went fine...... j/p...high....working...

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