If you can't hack the mind games, don't get on the sesh!

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  2. naw man, never had this prob. i'm a blunt dick, but i'll give u the respect u deserve
  3. Safety in numbers flying my plane, safety in numbers ;)
  4. if you say so, i have nothing to be afraid of. I kind of understand your post. you and your buddies like to fuck around with eachother emotions out of boredom. niiiice, just dont get too close to these guys. ive seen it, been through it, lived it. smoke buddies are just that. smoke buddies. the one uve known for awhile, probably thought you were a cockhole. but hey, you know them better then i do.

    and i would whip someones ass for fuckin with my paranoia. that can mentally fuck wit someones head. maryjane is a halluciogen... you understand that, right?
  5. Yeh, i understand, i'v had problems for years, but like i said were in too deep, last week i had sex with paddys love of his life, it killed him when he found out and i new it would but we did it anyway, we had him locked in kingdoms car while we was hot boxing it and he was on whitey and woulden't let him out, we all fuck each other over out of boredom yeh, at the end of the day me and kingdom are the only ones who have anything in common apart from smoking weed, like you said, youv lived it, respect, donno bout johnny haze, peace
  6. lol u better have left her walkin with a waddle
  7. Mate she was a virgin, i slammed her silly, she loved it real REAL rough!
  8. Well you sound like terrible friends. But it sounds fun :) Kind of a real life "Its always sunny in philly"
  9. Dude, you are so gay
  10. Clearly. :wave:
  11. I just read the plot of it's allways sunny in philly and it sounds exactly the same ahahahaha :D
  12. [quote name='"Johnnyhaze"']

    I just read the plot of it's allways sunny in philly and it sounds exactly the same ahahahaha :D[/quote]

    wow get stoned and watch the show, bro.. u wont regret it
  13. Will do homey :smoke:

  14. hahaha all I read was

  15. So stop being assholes to each other...

    ..if you can....lol..

    ...b/c you know, youre



    Why is this in this section..lol.
  16. How dare you incinuate i wore a condom! i never wear protection, i want my dick stickyyyyyy mmmmm virgin juice :D

  17. touche
  18. I want to be your friends lol, As long as you come up with many schemes.

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