if you can look at this and not laugh

Discussion in 'General' started by fearthebug, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. then you are a better man than i.

  2. I don't see the halarity here.. I mean.. he looks like he's having an orgasm on the toilet or something..
  3. he looks like hes having a satellite anal probe sending out signals... like cartman :D

  4. thanks man I didn't laugh until I read your comment, so I am more man than the original poster, but damn you are funny.
  5. for shame... do you not know anything about the ultimate warrior? look up his interviews on youtube. he is no longer a gimmick.
  6. this deserves its very own thread?
  7. I laughed because I was expecting more
  8. i didnt at first but i looked into his eyes for a few seconds and it got me
  9. yeah it's a flash loop... it seems like the longer you look at the things the funnier they are.
  10. hahha dude that was trippy, but i peaking off 2 personal blunts to my dome right now so it probbably funnier now than sober
  11. i sued to think he was a sick ass wrestler till i realized he was jsut acting like my uncle rob on heroin shaking and shit hahaha
  12. dude, i'm stoned as hell and i didn't even smile.
  13. i knew that guy was a wrestler,,, i was thinking warrior/ and then read your post..... the dude is a little high strung...... all his interviews are intense...
  14. fuck that, i laughed!
  15. ha ha that is funny
  16. it's funny because when you look at it, you die inside.

    i only laugh when i die.
  17. Damn. I didn't laugh for about five seconds, but now the more I look at it the more I laugh. Heh.
  18. Me too...I was expecting more

  19. :confused: ?????? say what?

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