If you can help me buy a light, then get in here and help me shop!!!

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  1. So I cannot afford to do a quantum board saber setup. Too pricey for me at this time. Aside from the electric sky panels, there are no other thin, rectangular lighting options out there.

    So, I’m between getting 100-200 watts of cree cob lighting versus the same-ish wattage range in quantum boards.

    So here’s my wish list:
    — I’d like to be closer to 200 watts ideally (I wouldn’t bat an eye if it were closer to 300 watts)
    — I want the light as spread out as possible while still casting a high ppfd to avoid hot spots
    —☝️☝️☝️ Because of this☝️☝️☝️ I’m ok getting two 100 watt lights rather than one 200 watt fixture.
    —I want the best deal I can get without sacrificing quality or safety.
    —Budget, $100 is ideal and strongly preferred, but I’m willing to go to $250 (absolute maximum).
    — While not a requirement, I’d love for the light to have the ability to be dimmed. This will save money and be more practical for me to operate.

    I’ve got a 2 x 4 tent that’s about 7 feet tall. Hydro setup with ventilation/filtration. Because I have placed a heater and a tower fan inside of the tent, I only have a 2 x 2 to 2 x 3 footprint to grow in. The tent houses one plant at present. Knowing this, can anyone help me by linking me to your preferred vendors/lights?

  2. I found some Chinese "sabers" on Alibaba. 80w hlg driver and 4ft bar with LM301Bs for Like 76 bucks per kit. 60 bucks shipping. 215$ for 2 4ft bars with drivers to your door.

    Products Cf Led Bar Grow Light 60w 720w 70000lm 4ft Led Grow Light Bar For Seeding,Flowering,Veg,Fruit - Buy Led Grow Light Bar For Seeding,Products Cf Grow Light,Led Bar Grow Light Product on Alibaba.com

    I had to send them an inquiry and talk to them about it. The 4ft is called a "VP80"
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  4. Don’t buy the Chinese bullshit. Multiple threads on here about diodes and strips going out under a year from purchase.

    Get two QB 96 elites from HLG and call it a day. Don’t buy cheap lighting you’ll be replacing them later on otherwise

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  5. Wow, that was quick! Thank you!
  6. I’m reading these posts in order. Ok, so HLG is recommend. Thank you as well. Is there a preferred vendor for these lights? I want to get the best deal possible. Thank you!
  7. Just go through Horticulture Lighting Groups website.

    Another light that would be decent but still inferior To HLG QB’s is the mars sp250. But I highly recommend the HLG 96 elites.

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  8. I'm digging my aglex "2000w" cob/led in my 2x4. best thing can buy on Amazon no dimmer but has veg mode that just has the 4 cobs tent temps are 3-4 degrees over room temp with carbon filter and fan... Fucker is bright, haven't finished a run with it yet but I'm hoping for some chunky ladies IMAG1028.jpg IMAG1030.jpg IMAG1351.jpg

    JuJu's legal apartment grow

    JuJu's legal apartment grow
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  9. My concern is with bleaching. Though I have a 7’ tall tent, it’s only about 5.5’ from the floor to the ventilation pipe/fan/filter. I’d need a dimmable driver at the very least. I’ll contact HLG to discuss this concern. I wasn’t aware of this option at all, thank you again. I’m interested.
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  10. The you for the suggestion! Cob lights have definitely peaked my interest due to them being a good bang for the buck. I also like the low profile. I’ll check this model out as well.
  11. Another reply to you. The ppfd chart on amazon for this light is unreal. Over 2000! Without a dimmer, I fear my plants will burn up. With taller plants, I won’t have a lot of headroom to work with. Do you think the 1200 watt version would be better? The ppfd chart still shows 2000+ rating even with the 1200 watt version. Do you think that is hype or is that for real?

    Thank you!
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  13. Alright, screw it. I’m getting one hlg 96elite. But I need help sourcing the following (I’ll get help to assemble locally, I just need help buying components please):
    —a power cord 10-15 feet long is an ideal length
    — a waterproof connector for the power cord
    — screws that can attach to the heat sink from which I can hang this light
    —-recommended metal hangers
    — #1 recommended meanwell driver which will allow me to do anything from run this light hard and bright to dimming it down to total darkness.
    —wires and wire connectors that are meant to attach directly to the quantum board.
    —If not on this list, but needed, an item which will allow me to position the driver near the outlet plug (versus near the light fixture). The driver, therefore, will be 2-4 feet away from the wall outlet when plugged in if that makes sense.

    If I get a second light, I’d like the option of getting a driver for the first light that can be adapted to run both without diminishing the brightness of the first light.

    My plan is to run this light plus a blurple led which I already have on hand. If there’s a huge disparity of growth in my tent in the area not well converted by one 96 elite, I’ll get a second one.

    I just need the option of dimming in my confined space. I’m grateful for the assistance of this board and the contributors.
  14. 1)The screws to hang come in the package with the light. I use those screws a wire hanger and fishing leaders to hang my lights individually no need for a frame this way.

    2) power tool replacement chord on amazon will do it. Generally they’re 16 gauge.

    3) 18 gauge solid core wire red and black or just two different colors. Just had to be 18 gauge this will allow you to place your driver wherever you want as well as wire your boards.

    4) 4 port lever wago connectors for splicing your wires from driver to board. Also 2 port lever wago connectors for the power chord(2 port is optional you can use 4 port connectors for this as well.)

    5) hlg-320h-54a driver hase dimming pots on the driver. I use the seller data alchemy for all my drivers on amazon. This driver will power 1-3 lights wired in parallel. It won’t dim to complete darkness but it’ll go to 15watts.

    I’ve got to get to bed PM me if you have anymore questions on it and I’ll respond in the AM.
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  15. Get a four pack of these :
    QB132 V2 Quantum Boards

    and this power supply:
    HLG-240H-C1750 Stock and Price by Distributor

    240watts very good light spread. These boards have some of the best LED diodes for growing on the market rn (Samsung lm301b) and HLG is one of the more reputable quality board makers you will find.
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  16. Thank you for taking the time to write that out! I had some time to think about it and I think I’m going to get a driver for one light without the option of expansion, so I’ll go for the 185b version. I’d really like the option of remote dimming (I’ll use stranded wire because I’ll be moving the dimmer and driver more than usual with this setup.).

    I’ll head over to amazon to get the suggested supplies. Thank you so much again!
  17. Great suggestion for a layout! Only issue for me is cost. I’ll have to stick to a single fixture for now.
  18. check out the thread "Alternative to HLG, the Supplier"....lol im 6 months in on my 24 hours of light autoflower closet. My 550V2 and 2 65w quantum boards have literally been running non stop. No issues.

    Paid 380 bucks for my "550V2" and 160 for my 2 65w boards.
  19. These are very wise words!!! these lights are amazing and they will take an amazing amount of electricity if you cool them.
  20. I’m going to start with one 96 elite with its own driver and go from there.

    Any tips on where to find authentic 4 port Wago connectors? I can find 2, 3, and 5 port ones now. I can find off brand 4 port, but that makes me nervous. Could I substitute a 5 port connector and use only 4 ports without this being a fire hazard?

    I’m going with the 185b driver which will utilize an external dimmer.

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