If you believe in God, why do you think he created MJ ?

Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by Headhunterpipes, Mar 10, 2017.

  1. Because he likes to party....
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  2. Well we all create ourselves the way we want to on all instances of life and ganja too is created by ganja. That's how it looks like to me right now. I just joined the forum and I am a 8 right now! Hehe!

    In Ganja We Trust
  3. Because he doesn't just love us he actually likes us too.
    James 1.17 Every generous act and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights; with Him there is no variation or shadow cast by turning.

    We all know the amazing medical benefits That cannabis brings and the fact that we have an Endocannabinoid system to receive it to me the whole think points to God. I believe natural substances are neutral its how we use them that makes them good or bad I can use coffee in a responsible way which can bring joy and a better life. Or use it in an irresponsible way which brings anxiety and stress and harm to your body. Like when I was a kid and almost gave myself a heart attack from taking a crapload of caffiene pills when was on a pharmaceutical that made me feel like I was under water.

    1 Corinthians 10:23 Everything is permissible," but not everything is helpful. "Everything is permissible," but not everything builds up.
  4. it's why we have a gauge of self wisdom to determine our actions... or we do not= choice is ours to be wise or not
  5. If God created it, then it was created for His glory. It exists to glorify God.

    Man was created from the dust of the earth. So I don't find it all that far fetched to think something grown from the same eliments would be used to nourish and heal.
    Cannabis can be abused like anything else. I personally don't believe God wants me to remain dopey all the time. I think He'd prefer me with a sound mind. Side effects are a result of temporary imbalance. Doesn't necessarily mean it's bad.
    The Bible instructs against the abuse. Do you have control of the substance, or does it have control of you. Can you have a good time without being high?
    Pagan worship usually involved the narcotic effects of substances, sexual acts, child sacrifices, etc. There is much instruction in the Bible not to intermingle, or marry into these foreign cultures with rituals that would compromise the jew's relationship with God.
    But then Paul told Timothy to take a little wine for his stomach. He didn't say get shitfaced drunk, become a homeless wino incapable of accountability-responsibility. The guy had a bug in his stomach and it was suggested to take something for it.

    This is gonna get long and preachy, and I got shit I gotta do.
  6. I like being sober more than being high, but my ailments are worse, so I put up with it. I njoy it at least.
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  7. I smoke all day long and my life is pretty productive. When I stop smoking that’s when I stop being productive. I’m also a better person when I’m medicated. I have a feeling it was created for medical/spiritual issues.
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  8. To just calm down and breath with people!
  9. It is done? Wow, what an interesting thought. I shall think about it some more and see where it leads.
    How I have seen it:
    It is possible Christ, in his time of need, recited Ps 22. If you carefully recheck the last words of PS 22 (It starts: "Why have you forsaken me") and it ends: "It is done" - ish, but it's an incredible double-whammy to add your perspective to it.
  10. God made all types of medicine. Some have fantastic side effects. Paul's comments on Alcohol imply that careful/continued evaluation and moderation are key and its use was therapeutic: "Drink but a little wine for the stomack's sake..". People and substances are like kids in candy stores, its a very high trust exercise being honest enough with yourself and your use while still shining your light and being there for your fellow man. It's not possible to be available to your fellow man's needs if you are comatose.
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  11. Here is a thought for you... it was written that a "great sleep fell over Adam" but there was never any mention of his waking up...

    Many believe that the "great sleep" is the dream world the mind has created and that few have awakened from it in all of the generations since Adam (or Atom) depending on the school of thought.

    The Creator, The One, Divine Order Intelligence (imo) would not have sent The Christ into the world to set an example of what us "sinners" could never attain... that would be a very cruel sadistic God...
    Christ said WE could do FAR GREATER things than Him with Faith, even MOVE MOUNTAINS....

    All the while he was trekking the earth in a physical body he tried to down play powers and miracles repeating it was "The Father Within" (Christ Consciousness) "doeth the works"...
    Also he never took credit for healing anyone... "your faith has made you whole"...

    But i digress, your question prompted my question, granted both off topic...

    Back to topic seems to me that everything is connected including these physical bodies.. it's no accident we have built in cannaboid receptors... if "God" didn't want us to enjoy or at least use MJ as medicine he wouldn't have created it or the type of plant our receptors would groove on so much... imo

    Cannabinoid receptor - Wikipedia
  12. Okay everyone. This is my opinion and what I perceve to be true in my mind and heart, I might be wrong but I might also be right, who will ever know... I'm a Wiccan but I also believe in Jesus Christ, to me he is a high priest/cheif God and there are several other Gods and even Goddesses that serve along with him. They exist in realms that we cannot even begin to fully imagine and working together like a team of super scientists they created the universe we live in, along with several other universes. You could view them as pure deities or maybe highly evolved aliens who exist outside of our universe and have for eons upon eons, how they came into existence I do not know.

    But anyway. I believe the reason they gave weed to us Humans (and other races on other planets) was to help us evolve to higher plains of existence, first mentally and then physically in the future. This is also one of the reasons I believe weed has become so demonized by the Government and Religions, because the more we evolve mentally, we do not need these institutions and thus they lose their power over us and like Palpatine said in Star Wars Revenge of the Sith. "All those who gain power are afraid to lose it." and this is true, very much so. They lose their power over us, they lose our money. Plus the heads of a certain group of people who may or may not run the world behind the curtains, they believe only they have a right to become like gods and goddesses, therefore it's still being kept illegal as much as possible for the time.

    Plus look at all of the healing powers this plant has (along with several other natural plants like leafy greens and berries) Big Pharma would lose out on all that $$$ they get from treating our cancers they give us in the first place.
  13. Maybe.

    Maybe not. Nobody knows and everyone is guessing or taking an old book written way back when’s word for it or relying on faith.

    But your question about Cannabis - is like asking why any plant was created - or simply just happened to be - and while Cannabis is cool what about the thousands of other beneficial plants out there - and especially ones which medicines are derived from... why were any of them created...

    But who knows if there is a “god”...

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  14. Is this also why They gave us dandelions? Pine trees? Algae?

    Who gave it to you? Are you sure you aren’t stealing it from the other races on other planets?

    You really think Cannabis will help you to move physically?

  15. Regarding how plants, fish, animals, birds, people, etc. ended up here i suggest if you haven't watched them, the series by National Geographic - "One Strange Rock" narrated by Will Smith with a lot of astronauts chiming in... Amazing visuals... watched one on a local Fox station Sunday it was 1/18 whatever that means, 1 of 18 in a series maybe...

    Bottom line it is an amazing process... i didn't even know that all the sand you find at all beaches was pooped out by fish... lol yep, fish make sand... who'da thunk it???
  16. I think he created it so I can deal with the clowns that ring my doorbell on Saturday mornings and try to gang save me and invite me to their cult.
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  17. It did say he created plants...

    Plus he must have a sense of humor, I mean look at the platypus
  18. I had a preacher come onto my property not too long ago - to Save Me...

    Once he started telling me I would be going to Hell if I didn’t change my evil ways things started going negatively for him - I don’t think even he knew he could move so quickly.

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  19. Of course he created MJ. I often think people who claim us human beings came into life through 'random occurence' are psychos. U gonna tell me this world and all the complexity of life just existed because of something 'random'? The whole system how our bodies work is a sign of design, like the oxygen system, the brain etc.Seems delusional to think all of this 'just happened'.
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