If you are under 35 stop bitching about relationships

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by TejasBoi, Feb 9, 2014.

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    Truth ^ and the shit is to easy to fix.

    Focus on your money, ESPECIALLY if you're young. That's what's gonna take care of you in reality. Not a partner

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    I think when your out of high school and university, its just get very harder to date girls (unless if you go to a pub/club or a online dating website or some dating event)
    And i prefer not to resort to those things (even though clubbing in enjoyable for one night stands)
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  3. man only female male hurt is you coming on a forum too bitch about how other ppl feel..really? Seems only feels hurt are you're sorry ass shit I say..complain about others complaining? What a dumbshit..don't bash others cause you're logic is dumb.35 really I guess that's how old u are and lonely..everyone point and laugh.
  4. Lol why you Mad?

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  6. It's not harder to date girls during this time period, all it takes is a pair of balls and a voice to go up and introduce yourself to anyone you find attractive. Step out of your comfort zone, not all girls go clubbing.

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  7. . This was in response to GazzaOak

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  8. Some tidbits of wisdom.
    Woman don't know what they want. But they'll make a lot of noise about not getting it.
    Men are a conundrum, deep down we are just little boys trapped in old men's bodies....however, we are born dirty old men. And will die dirty old men!
    Men marry a woman hoping she will never change. Woman marry a man hoping he will.
    Watch out how she does your laundry, she will shrink your pants over time, trying to convince you that your 32 inch waist has grown to a 36.
    Don't worry about seeing boobs gentlemen. Soon enough, you will grow your own.
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  9. I'm under 35, and I'm not bitching, I just want to make some guap to support my living. 
  10. I'm 24, was in a relationship with a girl for 2 1/2 years, we had a home together (just a trailer but a home), we owned our vehicles, bills were paid, I was about to recieve a degree in school...
    I dumped the cunt because she's literally fucking nuts, and she went and falsely accused me of domestic & child abuse, being an alcoholic and drug addict, and a violent, angry, unpredictable person, slandered my name all over the town. I was kicked out of my home, never got my vehicle back, had to leave town because of a 1500 ft. restraining order, and am currently being alienated from our daughter and replaced (she was in another relationship after 2 1/2 months). She had a damn good laugh about it, and no remorse. (did I mention she was fucking nuts?)

    OP, I'm allowed to bitch :laughing: 
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  11. So you can randomly go on the street and talk to a girl randomly...... or maybe say hi to everyone that you see..... hehe
  12. I agree with OP to some extent... I am 20 and there is a lot of petty bitching about people asking what they did wrong or what they can do to win back their ex... Sometimes you just got to accept the fact that they are not interested in you as much as you are in them. If this is so them why do you want to try to make them like you? That's forcing something that isn't real and it ain't gonna last even if you convince them in the meantime.

    A lot of people should focus more attention on getting a good job and eventually everything will fall in line... Sure you need to still put yourself out there but you don't need to force that shit. I'm about to buy a house next year when I'm 22. I'm sure I'll have no problem finding a good wife when I am in great shape, own a car and home and finish my degree in the next few years.

    In the meantime I meet chicks in random spots and get laid every now and then... It would be nice to have a girlfriend but I'm pretty young to be overly worried about that shit. I don't need to be worried about getting married till I'm 30. I have a few friends that are 21 and are married and a kid on the way... I will never understand what they are thinking.
  13. ehh, everything is temporary
  14. Honestly, it's what u make it.

    Worst case for me would be meetin a girl in a library. Just vibe.

    If I knew I couldn't pass it up I'm approaching like: "hey *insert discreet laugh paired with smile* look honestly I feel like you should let me let you take me out" and lock eyes awaiting a response. That shit is cutesy and she's gonna feel it or not. If she doesn't laugh and roll w it, that's nothing I want.

    ^ my grown man vs attractive woman worst case scenario approach. It's worked before js...

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  15. Paper Planes speaks the truth but I can feel both sides.
    I never want to become one of those old dudes who can't understand the youth.
    It's funny because my Mom and Dad must of married when they where around 21. Super young but that was common back then. Unfortunately they are separated but fortunately both have found their true soul-mate. Marriage doesn't work for most. Everything in life is about balance and sex is one of the most powerful drugs of all. Not many can stay faithful. Plus, people just change over time. It's natural. I wish more people didn't rush into marriage though. It seems like it's becoming more of a joke than anything else.
    But as Paper says, it's all relative. Everyone goes through the same struggle.
  16. yes, absolutely. If you put yourself out there you will get what you want in the end. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, but the people who say nothing get nothing. You gotta make things happen for yourself. It's not easy to do at first because you will deal with some rejection, but the more you do it the easier it gets. That's just been my experience.

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  17.   Yeah...  you're the reason women hate men.
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    Love and pain are subject to circumstance, not age. Time's not a guarantee- it's a luxury, and plenty of people die before finding someone they even theorize spending their lives with. So this whole concept of essentially "you have all the time in the world, stop bitching", is a grand assumption that I find idiotic at the least. You don't know if you're going to wake up tomorrow, but you can somehow guaran-fucking-tee that people have more time? Okay. This is all part of growing, and even though it can be annoying, it's not as annoying as having one guy tell everyone "what you feel is insignificant if it's not within this random fucking age gap between being old enough to be married and old enough to retire/die." You have to be smart to hurt a lot of the people's feelings on this forum. I actually find you to be pretty stupid for not being able to comprehend that there's a learning curve to relationships. No one's a master right out of the gate, and while certain people aren't as annoying, most are. I wouldn't equate people chopping you down to them actually caring about your opinion- I know I don't. But when you have an opportunity to swat the fly- you swat the fly.
  19. Lol OP is a weirdo.

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