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If you are TRULY a stoner

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by GotbarsSGK, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Ok heres a funny story from today. I was walking along this trail with my friend when we see my other friend behind a fence toking it up. So i thought to my self..... my parents are gone and wont be back till tomarow so i decided to call up my friend (the guy who was toking) and tell him that he could come burn in my backyard with me. The funny part is instead of calling my friend i called my dad and as soon as he picked up the phone (assuming that im taking to my friend) i blurt out "hey bro my parnets wont be home till tomarow u should come burn in my backyard" then i here my dad say "wow u FUCKING IDIOT and he starts yelling at me".
    I am truly a stoner haha.:smoke:
  2. no, ur truly a moron
  3. + rep s moe why is this in seasoned tokers
  4. + rep to make you feel better because I would be pretty pissed unless I was really high.
  5. BS, wa too convenient
  6. thats some crazy shit but i wouldnt say thats a stoner moment=:poke:
  7. why wouldnt u call it a stoner moment haha

  8. things like this make people think that all stoners are retards
  9. but we know thats not true. just a stupid mistake
  10. Hahahahaha nice man +rep

    @OP: Yeah, I don't support stupid shit by calling it a "stoner" moment.
  11. lol @ everyone getting so defensive
  12. sounds like ur dads tellin the truth...

  13. This.
  14. High dialing. Either you call the wrong person or you forget what you discussed as soon as you hang up the phone.
  15. exactly
  16. Dang dude what a bad trip
  17. Ahaha, you should be able to set your phone to Stoned mode and it won't let you make a phone call without first solving a simple math problem. My phone should be set to stoned right now.
  18. Hahahaha that's fucking rough man. Shit happens. :smoke::smoke:

    I'd try turn it into a joke if I were you and realized it was my dad.
  19. hahaha that was some funny funny as hell :smoke:

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