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if you are a drug dealer, you should also be a magician

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by VagDiddler, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. like when you hand people weed

    what if you pull a sleight of hand

    and actually hand them nothing?
  2. lol, this happened to you OP?
  3. than you would get stabbed in your kidney.

  4. no im thinking about doing it

    like i'd walk up to you and be like hey do you need weed and when i hand it to you i make you think you grabbed it and run away with your dough it is a perfect plan.

  5. sike how many people take knifes when they buy weed

    ive never doen that
  6. umm if your going to go through all the trouble to rip someone off you dont need to be a magician lol.
  7. ^was just thinking that.. If you were a drug dealer usually ya dont rip people. You build reliable customers. Word gets out.

  8. It was popular in the bay area in the '70s to con people with common herbs they thinking it was weed, ...These guys had incredibly short lives..England Green is correct you just gotta have a reliable customer base, ask the Cartels that?

  9. Or you could pull a rabbit out of a bag of weed.
  10. Lmao. That's not a magic trick. That's just snatch and flee. Lol

  11. no that is cruel to the rabbit they are way to cute for that
  12. I've spent my whole life finding the best dealers everywhere I go. Unfortunately the only way to do that is to know someone or just try them all. Being a mostly responsible adult though, I have a CCL and I carry my gun on me everywhere I go. Not that I would ever dream of using it on someone in that situation. No drugs are worth killing someone over. But I do like to pistol whip people and if you tried to take my money I would just make you bleed.
  13. If you pulled out a rabbit, I would probably just laugh my face off
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    you're missing the point dumb ass if i use magic on you you wont know the difference until its too late

    Name-calling is not tolerated here - WW
  15. I would hope your also a kenyan marathon runner cause you would need that skill too after you pulled that magician bullshit.
  16. ^ that made me cry laughing, got a stomach cramp and all...
  17. What if u could jus take money cuz ur a magician and disappearing from banks an shit is wut u do u could take drug money on the go ;0
  18. For some reason I thought it would help yourself like in a good way. Like if cops where searching you? They would fine beating the man not hurting other people who are in the same boat as you...

  19. you need much stronger magic to fool police though
  20. Across America, Minnimarine will show you where all of the straight dealers are ALL ACROSS AMERICA. Tune in on Thursdays at 8 pm EST to become a more legit customer near you.

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