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If you are 18 do you have the right to decline taking a drug test

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by mcduffz, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. Im 18 and my parents have been flipping out about my drug habbit. They no i smoke weed but they are convinced i do other drugs even though there is no proof. They have heard pill convos on phones with me and my friends. I actually do pop xanax and kpins and those type of drugs but not often. I did take kpins 2 nights ago and my dad today when driving me home from school said were going to the hospital. I said why, he then replied im getting you drug tested and then im going to get the cops to make you do community service ( one of my friends mom did this when she found her sons weed, she told the cops he did drugs and forced him on community service but he was 15 at the time) My dad plans on doing the same thing to me but im 18. Since I am 18 and not underage do I have the right to turn down any drug tests from doctors and since im 18 my dad cannot force me to do community service right? I told my dad im 18 and he cant do shit about my drug habbits but he wants to try this with me. I told him i can just turn all these things down cause im 18. So really my question is can i turn down any drug tests my parents want me to take and can I turn down community service? Sorry if it has bad grammer and spelling i was in a rush when i wrote this.
  2. Well, if you refuse they could kick you out, and if they find your stash (assuming you have one), you could be arrested/persecuted.
  3. Ur 18 , get a job and move out before it's too late

    don't take the drug test
    of course you can decline as long as it's not a schools test I think
  4. Pack you bags and refuse the test. Move out and you can do as you wish when you wish.

    Police can't do shit unless they have proof of the drugs being in your possession...so you more or less can refuse community service since they have to have a criminal charge to prosecute you on before a judge can hand out the punishment.

    or; stop doing drugs until you have what it takes to move out and be on your own.

    p.s. you friend was a minor thus had no rights, and police can do many things when the parents approve...
  5. dont be a fucking loser, if your 18 years old and they still havnt given up on you, you should consider your self one of the luckier people on the planet. if i ever even would have went near that stupid shit you do i woulda had my ass handed to my and booted so fast i wouldnt get a word in.

    grow up.
  6. You're a free human being, therefore you have the right to refuse ANYTHING you don't want, regardless of what any law or regulation might say. Don't be a slave, think for yourself. You really had to ask this forum if you could refuse a test? OF COURSE you can.

    I recommend you stop doing prescription drugs immediately, because anything that is produced by big pharma is a big no-no. Don't do the governments drugs. Use what earth has provided!
  7. let us know what happens op :D
  8. OK, here's my 2 cents. You need to have a conversation with your dad/parents. Tell him right up front you are not taking any drug test. Tell him you will respect his wishes about the drugs and not do them while you are under his roof if he doesn't approve of your using them. If you want to keep living there, stop doing drugs of any kind until you can get your own place.

    When you live with your parents, you have to follow their rules when it comes to their home. You don't have to take any damn drug tests that could get you in trouble with the law though. Sounds like your best bet is to get your own place.
  9. If I was in your position and told my parents that I was 18 and could do whatever I wanted, I'd be homeless tomorrow.
  10. He can't make you do shit. You are 18, you have no one to answer to.

    However, that being said, he sure as hell can kick you out of his house if you don't do what he tells you. So if you like having a home, listen to what he has to say.
  11. When you don't own the roof you live under, absolutely nothing changes between your 18th birthday and the day before it, other than better odds of getting kicked out or arrested for something.

    It's funny how kiddies wake up on their 18th birthday, still at home, and think "I'M A MAN NOW!!!" then two minutes later, they're asking their mommies to make them a bowl of cereal. :laughing:

    No parent in their right mind would ever take any sentence that starts with "I'm 18, so..." from a kid that still lives with them seriously, unless the very next words after "so" are, "... I'm going to move out and support myself, instead of continuing to be a financial burden on you. Thanks for supporting this far." :D

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