If you and I were smoking together...

Discussion in 'General' started by bahookahjoe18, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. ...chilling at my place, and I said, "I'm sick of clothes," and stood up and got naked, then sat back down and started hitting the bong again...

    would you be cool with that?
  2. first time i met you? no..

    known you for like a year or so.. shit i'll take mine off too.. depending on what the floor was (wood,tile,carpet) i'd keep my socks on though.
  3. Like, completely naked?

    I don't know man.... depends on how good you look without clothes.

  4. I look like an animal.
  5. What kind?
  6. also i guess it would depend if you got a boner. cause like wtf dude you're getting a boner and you just got naked in front of me.

  7. you and me baby aint nothin but mammals.
  8. i'd smoke with you if you were a girl
  9. We are smoking together, what do I care?
  10. Yeah just keep the bowl packed and I wouldn't care
  11. Also the weather. If it was really cold, I would probably tell you to put your clothes back on.
  12. yup weather.. i was figuring we were talking about summer cause you do that now (atleast where i live) you're gonna be one stoned cold dude.

    but summer shit i smoke naked all the time when i'm by myself.

    once i had the house to myself whole weekend was naked for like 2 days straight so nice.
  13. Shit I'd say fuck it, turn the thermostat up I'll join ya.

    Just don't set the pipe in your lap...
  14. [quote name='"Santeria420"']Shit I'd say fuck it, turn the thermostat up I'll join ya.

    Just don't set the pipe in your lap...[/quote]

    Is what I'm sayin lol
  15. When you think about how much sunshine your dick gets, it's very alarming. Your dick gets almost ZERO sun light.

    It just can't be healthy to keep your dick out of the sun 24/7, you know what I mean?

    You got to take it out and bath in the sun every now and then...
  16. Do you know how it feels like to have the sun's ray, fall on your dick?

    Most of you probably don't.

    But I do.

    And I can tell you, it feels... warm.

    It's a good feeling. I enjoy it very much.

  17. indeed i know the feeling as well
  18. I wouldnt give a shit even if it was my first time chilling with you. Hell my friend got naked in front of me the first time we ever chilled. Now we're best friends haha
  19. Man, honestly, if I knew you pretty well I wouldn't fucking care. I dunno if I'd join in, but go for it. If it was the first time I met you or we're new friends, I'd probably bounce.
  20. Hahaha... may I ask, how and where do you dry your 'laundry'?

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