If You And Hitler Toked....

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    How are you going to harness the trifecta of ancient alien technology with painting by humans?[/quote]

    Cause its worth 250mil.

    I'll buy that shit

  2. You won't need money in space! Interplanetary travel is the bessst...I mean that should be the future or something
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    What would I ask him??

  4. [​IMG]

  5. Schwanz also means dick. Google translate is very very touchy in German. I think he was asking if anyone else spoke German. I also think he used google translate and doesn't speak much German himself. I could be wrong though.

    Hitler blamed the Jews for the loss of WWI. In "Mein Kampf" he states that while he was away at war the Jews were back home stealing money from hard working Germans. He also said they were commiting treason, as they were opposed to the war.
  6. I would ask him to adopt me.
  7. Ah, veel you must not be 18, we haz veys to make you talk. :p :smoke:
  8. Nein nein nein!
  9. [quote name='"ICGreen"']

    Ah, veel you must not be 18, we haz veys to make you talk. :p :smoke:[/quote]

    Lol i just meant i wish he was my father.
  10. hows it feel to be a world dominating tweaker with one nut
  11. Hitler did kill millions of people, he was the supreme authority all over the entire Third Reich, there was nothing he didn't know, he knew that a million Polish jews were being gassed into extinction in Treblinka, he knew people like Mengele were preforming live vivisections on innocent people, and he knew that 10,000 innocent Serbian women and children were being butchered like farm animals by the Croatian Nazi collaborators.

    He knew all this and did nothing to stop it, in fact perpetuated it! If I were to smoke with Hitler I'd smother the lit roach right out into his eye.
  12. I would ask the best questions. Favorite food, color, where in the world is Anne Frank. It be good times
  13. kannst du uberqueren der blunt?

    I probably fucked that up I always mix up the words in questions and I dont know what blunt is in German or what gender
  14. bist du aus deutschland??? :)
  15. i would just chill with his ass and learn everything about how he ran his military and learn form his mistakes and take over the dam world and destroy all of you! think I'm playing............
  16. Weed can usually show someone's wit in a conversation. I suppose if he and I toked up I would poke his brain.
  17. i would ask him to shave his mustache and if he denies i will pour jewblood on his lip
  18. I would have so many questions. But in the end I would give him a good pop in the mouth and make him go In a gas chamber.

  19. exactly what I'm saying my friend! lol
  20. Haha hitler was a dictator

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