if when we die we really go to heaven

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  1. I've always belived (or conviced myself) that heaven is real. I was watching a show called i survived and a ladies heart stoped for 6 minutes, she stopped breathing had no pulse, and was considered dead until she was brought back from those electric paddles. While she was dead she said that she was at an "intense" peace with everything and everyone and didnt even realize what just happened, she was just living or floting in the moment. she then said that she looked up and saw the inevitable white light and went twoards it only to be brought back to life.

    Now my question to ya'll, what if when we die we really go to heaven and actually run twoards "the light" and all this god/religion stuff is actually true? wouldnt that be amazing
  2. But what if its not, and all that time going to church and praising a so called god was a huge waste of time. I personally think that its all a hoax to unite people and to start wars. But hey everyone thinks different.
  3. Isn't a good amount of DMT released when you think you're dieing? DMT can be intense
  4. I read somewhere that the supposed "white light" is caused by the loss of muscle control, which leads to pupils dilating and letting in more light.

    Maybe that's just a side effect of death, and the consciousness really does ascend. We'll never truly know for certain.
  5. Nobody will ever know the truth. The only way to find out about the after life is to die. If it's true then I would love to see what heaven is like. I think it would be pretty cool to be brought back to life, imagine how trippy that would be.
  6. I know of someone who died for a couple minutes and came back. He said he was in this waiting room or something..and two people/things/idk what were deciding whether to give him a second chance at life or send him to heaven.

  7. EXACTLY what I was going to say...

    There's no God, no heaven, and no hell. Just drugs
  8. now thats some trippy shit lol
  9. If its true, I am going to hell, and I like my odds.
  10. When the body dies, the pulse weakens, the pressure drops, and temperature too,

    Our soul doesn't die along. It stays focused. And tries to interprete what it means to have heart that is slowing down, and to have the blood pressure drop, and muscles twitch and harden.

    In another words, our soul experiences DEATH.

    How our soul interpretes that moment of death, is where heaven and hell comes into play.

    If your soul interpretes the suffocating sensation that chokes your breath as being 'HELLISH', then you're in hell.

    If your soul interpretes the fading out into emptiness as being 'HEAVENLY', then you're in heaven.

    And our souls hold onto that memory of our death... and carry on with their lives.
  11. the light is all the dmt and neurotransmitters in your brain being released.

    literally the high of a lifetime

    I also know a guy that was brought back to life after dying..he said it was like he fell asleep and woke up.
  12. heaven is just a man-made concept so that we can cope with death.

  13. So medically what causes your "soul" to do one or the other? And how do you know this?

  14. Don't mean to call bullshit on you, but do you have a source to that?
  15. how would this be if your body is failing?

  16. exactly that, and the state of mind you're in when you die and how you feel that you lived your life effects weather you go to heaven or hell.
    my question to debate "Is DMT just a haluciongenic compound, or is it physical proof of a psychological gateway to an afterlife?"
  17. You brain is still alive for a short period of time even after your body dies. This is why we are able to jumpstart the body after it stops working for a short period of time and bring people back to life. If you wait too long to jumpstart the body the brain stops too and it's game over.
  18. your brain or your spirit is still alive;)?
  19. Yes. Dreams, psychoactive drugs, and near death experiences are all very similar. You brain is constantly trying to put logic behind what it sees, even if its false.
  20. If heaven is filled by the people who say thats where they're going, i'd much prefer the company in hell.

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