If weed was legal?

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  1. i dunno i think it wouldn't be the same for teens cause of the *thrill* its normal for people to get influenced into something cause of the thrill specially as a teenager.
  2. Yea but you dont get that same " thrill " as when its illegal. Like when I was younger trying to get home at night with bud on me would be fun as fuck but I was usually stoned trying to do it too
  3. Life would be a lot less complicated. Fuck thrill, I just like being stoned.
  4. Yea I do agree on that. Id be getting me some of these

  5. I'd be happy with decriminalization. Just as long as I can grow, buy, and smoke it in peace.
  6. if weed was legal i wouldnt have to piss in a cup
  7. I'd 'convert' my mom into a stoner. Ever since her doctors said she can't drink anymore, she's been extra cranky and can't seem to sit still......nor will allow me a moment of peace.
  8. fuck that, i wouldnt support those bammer companies with their bammer herb.

    it would be awesome to have a fat outside grow in your backyard. I can picture my yard where my neighbors sit up a bit higher and can lookk down, with some 8 foot tall plants.:)

    so ill
  9. Where I live it's legal.
    The youth around here starts smoking weed at the age of 12-13, however the coffeeshops only sell it to 18+.
    And when i get searched by an officer, for what reason soever, i still get my weed back :D

    And the most beautiful thing of all is that you can buy it in a ''coffeeshop''. :D

  10. I've always wondered. How do the regular joe type people ( also non tokers) feel about the cannabis laws there? I've heard that many locals in amsterdam are getting more than tired of tourists.

  11. Seriously. I would much rather not get drug tested by parents and be able to smoke then have 2 minutes of "fun" sneaking in with weed.
  12. exactly.
  13. marijuana would be harder for kids to get if its legal. Most gas station employees won't sell weed to kids. The black market make it alot easier to get weed since drug dealers can't get fired.
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    if cannabis was recreational-ly legal, back in high school i wouldnt have been striped of all privacy and privileges and constantly drug tested for being caught stoned, where as when i was caught drunk just got a simply slap on the wrist.

    there was no joy in sneaking around and lying to get a natural, side effect free medicine. whoever gets a jolly from breaking the law or hiding smoking from their parents is a complete dick and to mention immature.

    legalize it for responsible recreational use. please.
  15. If weed was legal I'd collect the heads of little girls and put them on my walls
  16. There are also anti-''drugs'' people, even in a city like Amsterdam.
    Some people just really hate the tourists.. they say there's only one thing why they visit holland.. :smoking: ..so what :D
    I ran into tourists a few times a week, and I always have a good time with them, most of
    them are friendly, always over-exited for being in a ''coffeeshop''.
    But some ppl make fun of our Euro's.. they say it looks like monopoly money :p

    Anyways, most people don't really have a problem with the cannabislaws here.
    And as long as you smoke at home or in a coffeeshop, the police won't bother you..
    9 of 10 times when you're smoking outside they'll ignore it, but they can give you
    a 50euro fine for smoking marijuana outside.. but they still can't get to take your weed
    if you have max. 5grams on you :D
  17. moving to amsterdam!
  18. If weed was legal the teens couldn't get at it as easy.

    Black Market dealers sell to anyone.

    Coffeeshop type places sell 18+

    Teens would be pissed.

    I'd be happy tho, all that shit about sneakin it in past your folks is retarded.

    you shouldn't be bringin your weed into your rent's house anyway, too easy to get caught.

    Stash it at a safe location like 30 feet from the house.
  19. A filtered joint?

  20. wtf? thats some crazy shit.

    if weed was legal i would never be dry..

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