If weed was legal, whats would its surgeon general warning say?

Discussion in 'General' started by twitchydude420, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. I bet it would say not to operate a vehicle while under the influence, or some shit about memory loss.
  2. It will most likely say shit about not operating a vehicle and not operating heavy machinery.

    It would be funny if they have a warning like "may cause extreme, sometimes insatiable, hunger"
  3. "May cause lung complications."

    you are inhaling burnt plant matter each time you smoke cannabis which is not good for your lungs.

    and a "may cause cancer."

    because of all the chemicals that would be used to mass grow it. (If it were legal)
  4. "may cause boner"
  5. May cause increase in happiness..god forbid anyone is allowed any more of that.
  6. something about erections
  7. Don't visit the favorite pornstar thread on grasscity cause next thing ya know you'll be fapping fer dayz
  8. do not consume around your childs cereal.
  9. It will say that it is safe for adults as long as used as intended with approved equipment. Then it will have a link to the "USA Federal On-line Head-shop".
  10. "May cause insanity and severe depression"
  11. may cause you to question everything you've been told your entire life. use with caution... everyday.
  12. you kinda read my mind... lol

    Warning: may cause you to question society and everything you thought you "knew", will open up your mind.

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