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if weed had the same health problems as cigarettes, would you still do it?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stonerotaku420, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. #1 stonerotaku420, Feb 10, 2014
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    just wondering if yall would still blaze it if weed was as unhealthy as cigarettes

  2. yeah, but I'd probably only smoke a couple times a week. If it were as addictive as cigarettes, we'd all be fucked.
  3. No fucking way. I gotta admit I already mix tobacco into my joints/spliffs (trying to keep it at 1/3 of a regular cigarette so I don't smoke too much of that crap - never had any withdrawal or addiction symptoms, even when I've smoked for a whole week straight (intention was to smoke the weed, not the crap tobacco), having the ganja in the joint/spliff also giving me the same health problems would be just ridicilous and I'd instantly drop it off, I ain't gonna ruin my body and health over some nice experiences.
  4. Nah I wouldn't...Know too many people who have gotten lung cancer, fuck that.
  5. Depends how much healthier vaping it would be.
  6. No way, not worth the impact on my health...I know too many tobacco users who have ruined their health, like both my parents who died of lung cancer....
    btw, where's c ball?
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    I mean I would but I would grow my own because tobacco itself really isn't that bad if there's none of the nasty additives in it. I mean I wouldn't smoke it like I do now but I would definitely still smoke.
  8. I'll switch over to psychedelics.
  9. yeaaa i'd still blaze  :bongin:  :smoke:  :smoking:
  10. I'd just always vape it if that was the case.
  11. Nope. The only tobacco I fuck with are blunts and if weed was that shitty hell no. I would have a lot more rainy day money too haha

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  12. #13 solarhitz, Feb 11, 2014
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    probably not. if I did, it would be on rare occasion. honestly, re-thinking it, I probably would just give it up entirely. fuck ciggs. so unhealthy. I don't really even enjoy blunts tbh. There's been a few that taste nice, but I'll never go out and buy a blunt wrap. I always feel like shit after sharing a blunt that my friends occasionally roll -.-
  13. i wouldnt. i see it this way. it costs more than cigs, and if it were just as bad i would just be an alcoholic lol
  14. Probably, but less often. Although if we're talking about the addictiveness too then we'd all just get fucked over D:
  15. But it isnt so who cares
  16. Do it anyway.
  17. I'd be doing a lot more of other things
  18. most definitely. wouldn't even phase me

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