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If Weed Becomes Legal All Over U.s

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Russian Badger, Jun 16, 2013.

  1. If or when it is legal to smoke recreationally will prices for weed drop because the supply of it is gonna go up cause you know we do it big in murica. So if prices drop dont you think there would be less hard drug users? Everyone leaves to smoke the herb even crack heads but i guess thats cheaper.. So then in a utopian society everyone just smokes weed and no one does hardcore drugs?

  2. In utopia wed all do as we wish. Myself and others would still enjoy hard drugs. You raise an interesting point I had never considered though. I'm sure a lot of other drug addicts will try and switch due to such low eventual prices
  3. Look at Portugal. With their legalization, drug use has actually been going down. And yes, if legalized it would go down to a more reasonable level but wouldn't be "dirt cheap". Consider alcohol and tobacco.
  4. yeah but those were expensive during prohibition too.
  5. Yeah Obama agrees with and we all go the Portuguese way...all drugs are legal, now that would destroy Mj overnite
  6. Marijuana will always be illegal in the eyes of the government....
    And everyone isn't going to smoke, even if it was legal...
    Just like alcohol and tobacco, only a select people will only be smoking marijuana
    Prices will be dependent on where you live...
  7. If weed becomes legal who gives a shit about prices, grow that shit yourself.
  8. The prices will go down intially because there is no "hazard pay" (the risk of getting caught implemented into the price), but in the long run prices should go down more significantly because the supply will grow (no pun intended) faster than the demand.  People who have not previously been smoking will be reluctant to start using weed when it is first legalized, which accounts for the delayed increase in demand.
  9. Personally I think prices would stay the same as what they are now (if not more), at least for a little while because demand will be HUGE. Then after a couple years, prices would drop because demand will drop (many people would lose the "fun" factor due to legalization) but also because many people will switch to growing their own plants.
    What? Since when is smoking weed "fun" because it's illegal? What the fuck i hate having to worry about cops. Fuck you mean fun?
  11. I'm just saying that "some people" would lose interest. In countries where it is legal/decriminalized (belgium, portugal for example), marijuana usage amongst teenagers actually dropped, most likely due to to the fact that it's easier to get therefore making it less "fun" for them. Many people agree, at least who I've talked to. There's a certain "fun" factor that comes into play when you live life on the edge and break laws and shit. Yeah, I think it's stupid to think that way but many do.
    Those are the ones that get arrested hahah
  13. Agreed some people would stop smoking if it became legal which is a shame to be honest
  14. yeh i agree i have never smoked weed because its illegal thats the one thing i hate about it. the high is the fun 
  15. Just going to throw in my bit in case this gets deleted.
    Once every one fully understands cannabis, ie sativa, indica, hybrids and everything else in between and once people have access to high quality cannabis in my opinion there really is no need for any other drugs inc alcohol as cannabis can tick every box.
    Many people will already know this of course including myself but a lot just think of cannabis as sit down and be lazy sort of effect when the truth of matter is they couldn't be more wrong.
    If cannabis were legal many people are going to loose out, alcohol companies, tobacco firms and drug dealers.
    The icing on the cake here really is cannabis is now being looked upon as an exit drug, many drug addicts are using cannabis to heal themselves and get off drugs/alcohol, I personally know of 3 people that have used cannabis to beat full on addictions to real drugs and alcohol :)
    If cannabis were legal many things would change for the better, many people have already been robbed of potentially a completely different and better life due to not realizing the true benefits of cannabis, I mean its easy to get sucked in by the propaganda bullshit, they fooled me at one point.
    The real reasons behind why this plant remains illegal are obvious, money, money and greed, nothing to do with harm reduction, this plant saves lives, time to set her free, but its up to you and me and the rest of the community to keep fighting or nothing will change.
  16. Sloth bears sound more like monkeys than anything
  17. No doubt it would go down, atleast a little.
  18. This.
  19. They're gunna tax the SHIT outta it bro.
  20. They're gunna tax the SHIT outta it bro.

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