If we are all blades of grass...

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  1. Does that make this place a yard? And all the mods its glorious groundskeepers?
  2. Huh... That's an interesting thought.. Come to think of it, Why are we called blades?
  3. Because the name of the place is "GrassCity" and an individual grass is called a "blade of grass" because little do we unsuspecting fuckin' humans know, blades of grass can cut ya.

    Hence my question.
  4. i'd say we're a kick-ass field, man.
  5. What I want to know is, for the people who didn't make the connection of "blades of grass" to members being blades in GRASScity, what the hell did you guys origionally think blades meant.

    Maybe everyone who posts on here, regardless of all those fake ass pictures they post, actually looks like this...

  6. ....were a yard of a field of a valley, in a plain land, surrounded by smoke
  7. ive known what blade meant for a long time. before tho i just figured it was a dialect from a certain area meanin the same as dude, bro, homie, blade.
  8. A lot of people are asking "Why are we called blades?" question these days.

    Hello... it's named GRASSCity. Blades. :D
  9. Ya'll blades, I'm a snake!
  10. we're called blades because we smoke weed but we're still sharp ;)
  11. we're a city. grass..city!
  12. When you look at the mj leaf you see usually 5 "fingers" these are called blades in growers terms.
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    Not a yard more like an enchanted meadow.

  14. It's all of the above answers that help legitimize late-morning Cannabis use in my mind.

  15. We are the yard of a rich white guy,and the mods are all mexican landscapers.

  16. lol listening to eazy e atm :D
  17. That's wassup.

  18. were a city.

    Anyways, I'm white and i mow lawns in the summer...for a Rabbi.
  19. We're blades of grass that always stay evenly trimmed, the trolls are the dogs that take a shit on us, the mods are the unfortunate fuckers who walk around with pooper-scoopers all day long. And while unregistered lurkers may think "Ha, fucking losers, who wants to pick up shit all day long", if they didn't this would be one smelly place, and for that we thank them.

    I'll regret clicking Submit Reply in the morning.

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