If Wake N Bake Is Smoking In The Morning Than. .

Discussion in 'General' started by aboybrush3dred, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. what would you call

    Smoking right before going to bed

    I was thinking about that as I toke my Nightly Bowl


    Can't Recall it having a name

    anyone know of any?
  2. Hash N Crash.
  3. Hightime bedtime
  4. I never had a name for it either before now. "Hash 'N' Crash" I like the sound of that. Speaking of...I'm going to bed now...Nice dreams will follow. :D

  5. win.:hello:
  6. I just call it my daily routine.
  7. I call it my daily ROUTINE:rolleyes:
  8. nightcap hahaha
  9. I'm glad we agree.
  10. Once in awhile I call it the Deep Creep for deep sleep heh
  11. I call it a midnight snack.

  12. FTW! :smoking::hello:
  13. Man... I have been, dare I say, Hash N Crashin all summer long.. I love it, and it makes my bedtime music a lot better.
  14. I Think Hash N Crash Wins For Sure
  15. i call it business as usual
  16. Headie Time Beddie Time haha i dont know man
  17. Cache and Crash IMO

    Since not everyone will be smoking Hash!
  18. creepin & sleepin
  19. Roastin' n Coastin

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