If ur fkin baked and you know it...

Discussion in 'General' started by Xavior, Apr 24, 2004.


If ur fkin baked and you know it...

  1. clap ur hands.

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  2. clap your hands.

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  1. its ur ahahahhahahha god im stoenjd ahahahahhahahahahahhahahha ur your ur your claips hand sfjk dksfjsdkfj30483040392

  2. :eek:


    :rolleyes: looks like someone hasnt smoked today....

    need a hit?
  3. hahaahahahahhahaahhaahahaha me and my dealer, we chief one little nugget, breaks off into like 3/4 of a bowl, SO GODAM DENSE, doesnt even roll that good either, so fuckin potent
  4. if your stoned and you know it

    smoke a bowl

  5. *lights bowl*
  6. If ur fkin baked and you know it...
    Clap your hands
    ** Clap Clap**
    If ur fkin baked and you know it...
    Clap your hands
    ** Clap Clap**
    If ur fkin baked and you know it..
    then your face will surely show it
    If ur fkin baked and you know it...
    Clap your hands
  7. *clap* *clap*
  8. I'm not baked, but I'm having a WONDERFUL time with hydrocodones and beer!
  9. can you not say cuss words on this or somthin?

  10. i just didnt think it appropriate, lol - i usually only spell it out if im trying to say how pissed i am or something.

  11. I did that for a bit, only i used oxycodone...its the best feeling in the world but like I think I could have died so many times, hehe. Be careful man ;)
  12. only having a few at a time and adding another every few hours. being careful. I'd hate to fuck up. I'd rather work my way up.
  13. you light your cig backwards, hahaha, I'm like wtf is my cig on fire!?! SHIT! then i have to cut the butt short, if there's even any left to it.

  14. Yeah, you can say/type cuss words. You can say "That's fucked up!" or "Shit, fuck me!" but you can't, in a hateful way, say "Fuck you!" to another member cause that's just being mean unless you say in a peaceful and playful manner and add some smilie to it to clarify that you aren't just being a dick or something. (I'll try to come up with a scenario since that is an iffy one and I probably shouldn't have said that you can say "Fuck you!" at all but I'm insanely high and I don't fucking care at this momento in time. Just don't be mean and call someone a pussy cause they haven't figured out how to roll a joint yet. The whole point is not to be mean. Whoa....I am sooooo rambling. :p )

    Curse away!


    If you're happy and you're high clap you're hands!
    **clap clap**

    Wait...that's not the song...
  15. all right thx :D

  16. hahaha, my friend did that yesterday. We had just finished smoking a fat blunt and he lit up a smoke and it was backwards. hahaha it was so funny.
  17. highest i've ever been in my life was from 25mg of vicodin i popped at once. :D ahhhh good times good times. i need to get more somehow sometime..

    hmm i know some heroin addicts.. coulda prolly steal their methadone.. bwahaha.
  18. lol. the hydrocodone was fun. We have no more, which is prolly a good thing. We don't need to do that stuff too often.

  19. thats damned true - I had like 80 5mg oxys and just did them all in like 3 weeks. I'd take at least one everyday because once u start taking them for over like a few days ur body like hurts without them.

    its really like the closest to heroin i think u can get with actually doing heroin. i had the most insane O.B.E.'s and visions tho, it was incredible - it was like having waking dreams all day that just seemed real.

    lol - anyways aside from it being fun, they are really addicting and i was lucky i only had gotten 5mg pills, cause u can get 160's I think (maybe 120's? dont remember) - tho i think 80's are the highest dosage one you'll prob ever find. I couldnt even imagine having that much, the most I did at once was maybe 50mg and that was on like a really crazy day and not even all at once.

    ah im rambling now....tried my hand at vaporizing on my kitchen stove :smoke: :D

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