if ur dog can talk, what would you say to him/her?

Discussion in 'General' started by HighHaze, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. and could comprehend what youre saying.

    i'd say "look, not everyone is bad. as a matter of fact, some people are even good, so there is no need to bark at/bite every single person."
  2. Yeah, I probably would have said: You know, just because someone is on the sidewalk or has a dog doesn't mean they want to take over your territory. In fact, it's actually ours, not yours. Besides that, you're great!
  3. Your a fatass.
  4. You should start brushing your teeth.
  5. "why the fuck do you lick me all the time?"
  6. It's a good thing my dog didn't by the way, because I was in the habit of saying really mean things to her in a nice tone just because she would wag her tail and smile.

    Look, who's a stupid fat dog? Yes, you are smelly. Who's smelly?? Yes, you are, fatty.

  7. When you give yourself a rimjob... is it for hygiene or pleasure?
  8. no you cant eat that...this is why...no you cant do that...cuz youll get hurt....yes you need a bath...to get you clean and make the buggies stop biting your fat ass
  9. take your self out for a walk and be in before 10 :p
  10. i'd tell her to stop shitting all over the house

  11. I like this one the best :p

    I would tell my dog to chill down!

    I swear my dog can amuse himself in a sadistic way. He would be in the front near the sidewalk (there was a fence). He would pretend to be sleeping when a person walks by, as they were walking they would look at him and he would be 'sleeping', then he'd quickly get up and launch at the fence barking, sending the person over the grass onto the street :laughing:
  12. isnt ur avi the cats eye nebula or somethin like that?
  13. You mean your dog can't talk?

    If my dog could talk, I would tell him no secrets.

    I would give him the recipe to Bush's Beans, and have him kick that annoying dog out of the commercials, and be the new beaner dog.
  14. I know what he would say to me.

  15. wanna rip the bong:smoke:?

    He always seems so interested....
  16. dam lost ma weed sniff it out boy.
  17. i would ask all of them if they knew where i put my fucking pipe
  18. Can you stop doing that creepy dog thing, where you wipe your ass on the rug.
  19. Id ask how my herb tasted, (she ate about a g i left out due to highness)

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