if ur dad masturbated 1 more time prior to ur birth.....

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  1. god damnit i never got this discussion arent YOU the EGG not the sperm
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    Did you know there are between 200 and 500 million sperm released per ejaculation? It's really insane to think about... the chances of you being who are you are 1 in 500 million (times the number of times your father ejaculated in a lifetime, times the number of eggs in your mother's body at birth.)
  3. lol def. not bruh
    exactly my point! it blows my mind like a smith n wesson to the head
  4. We're fucking survivors man. Heroes.
  5. dont tell me what the fuck to think about
  6. think about ur parents having sex

  7. What does my dad spankin it have to do with the stork?
  8. I'm a testtube baby. I was hand selected as the best sperm. If my dad hadn't jerked off in a vile I wouldn't be able to smoke weed. If my mother hadn't gotten her uterus scraped I wouldn't be able to smoke weed. If science didn't exist I couldn't smoke weed! if...wait...i'm high and have 6 brothers so my dad never needed to whack it! And i'm not really a test-tube baby.
  9. yes we are the few survivors that made it to earth...

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