if ur dad masturbated 1 more time prior to ur birth.....

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by HighHaze, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. Oh, look, bread!

    I'm so fortunate.
  2. "Oh-ho-ho! Is funny because many people have bread!"

  3. the possibilities of who would of come out of your moms beaver are mindblowingly endless.....or atleast very great
  4. Could be some stewie griffin style shit where its my evil twin or sommat
  5. blows my mind!!!!!
  6. Just thinking about people masturbating throughout history blows my mind

    I wonder if Paul Revere rubbed one out before he started his midnight ride
  7. sigged
  8. wtf hahahahahahahaha

  9. ..or during

  10. Doesn't sperm die eventually?:eek:
  11. Wait... so just before you were born, you dad jerks off and suddenly you can't smoke weed?
    I mean... you're going to be born anyway... unless you mean "prior to your being conceived" but even then that means nothing, cause even if your dad jerked before having sex with your mom, it provides no real protection unless birth control is used.

    I thought about it...and it makes no sense.
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    or... it means that you would have been masturbated into nothingness, rather than being shot inside your mother (as someone pointed out), thus being born and having the ability to smoke weed

    lol this thread is hilarious

  13. "The british are com--OHHHH"
  14. More like.... "the British are coming! Oh god, speaking of coming!
  15. You thought to hard, It means that if your dad masturbated before he had sex with your mom, then you would have been gone with that masturbation... duh.
  16. wow....i really didnt think that someone would have to explain it....
  17. I caught that right I after I read my post :laughing:
  18. Dis is a mind boggling statement
  19. .just think, if Kitlers father had spanked it just one more time.

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