if ur dad masturbated 1 more time prior to ur birth.....

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by HighHaze, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. u wouldnt be able to smoke weed.

    think about it.
  2. no YOU think about it. bitch
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  3. you sure? There could still be some left.

    Ugh it's making me sick thinking about that and my dad.
  4. lol im high as hell right now and that shit was funny lol

    also think : out of all that load your dad shot out, you were the fastest sperm lol
  5. holy shit

    blew my mind
  6. thats because i have heart.
    the heart of a lion to be exact.
  7. lmao
    exactly!! the chances of being alive are like...........1 in infinite!!!!!!!!
    i blew ur mind talkind about ur dad blowin his load :eek:
  8. think about this

    if YOUR dad busted a nut 1 time before you were born

    i wouldnt have had to read this thread.:p
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  9. So technically we all almost didn't make it.

  10. i dont get it.

  11. Instead of fertilizng your mom's egg, the sperm you were made from would be chilling in a gym sock in the bottom of the hamper
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  12. thank God, I can smoke weed.
  13. \t\t \t\t \t\tif ur great great great great great (you get the idea) granddad masturbated 1 more time
    prior to the conception of his kids

    ...u wouldnt be able to smoke weed.
  14. classic:D

  15. What's your dad doing spanking the monkey while your mom's giving birth?
  16. Try rereading it and thinking about it a little more
  17. He probably did masturbate just one time prior to my birth.

    And I got really fuckin' lucky.

    This is one thing I like to think about a lot... The huge chance that we're actually like, alive.
  18. Do you ever think about the incredible odds that out of 6 billion people, we were fortunate enough to be born in the U.S. and not some drought-ravaged village in the African wilderness? That blows my mind sometimes.
  19. yes, mine too..

    so i eat a snack and have a glass of clean drinking water to celebrate my good fortune

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